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Suffering from Osteoarthritis?

Movement is Medicine! Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling extremely sore, tight, or achy? Do you feel like you can predict the weather better than most meteorologists because even the threat of rain makes you feel achier than usual? Chances are, you are in the vast majority of people that suffer from […]

How Physical Therapy Can Help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you are like millions of other Americans, you are constantly on your computer or cell phone. But when you lead a technology-based lifestyle, you may notice some side effects. One of the most common things people notice is a slight tingling or numbness accompanied by a piercing pain in their hands and wrist. This […]

A Guide to Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy

Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy (PT) has to do with the heart and lungs. This type of physical therapy is used for medical conditions that cause trouble breathing. But what is cardiopulmonary PT and what can it help? What is Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy? This type of physical therapy focuses on the physical function of the cardiopulmonary system. […]

Common Workers Compensation Injuries

When you leave your house in the morning, the last place you expect to end up is in the emergency room. But accidents do happen even at work. But how did you end up there? Well, there are several common types of workers compensation injuries that might have landed you in the ER. Let’s talk […]

What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling, also known as Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN), is a technique that helps stop pain or knotted areas in your muscles. But how does it work and what does it work on? Well, we’d like to explain it to you! The Basics This type of therapy is used to treat muscular tension, spasms, […]

Meniscus Tear Symptoms, Surgery, and Recovery

Did you know there are actually two kinds of menisci in your knee? Do you know what they do or why they tend to tear so easily? Just like every other part of your body, if you do not take caution when moving, these tiny bands can cause serious pain and need to be repaired […]

Getting Ready for Football Season

As the summer starts to wind down, football teams everywhere are starting to take the field. During a regular football practice, you will run sprints, do agility drills, bench presses, and vertical jumps. But how can you help get your athlete prepared for these daily workouts and avoid the injuries they could sustain? With physical […]

Physical Therapy for Your Elbow

There are several different elbow problems that could be causing you pain. If you think about how many times a minute you use your elbow, you would be shocked to find that there can be several different issues that can affect it. So what are they and how can physical therapy for your elbow can […]

Diseases, Disorders, and Physical Therapy

Whenever someone says they are attending physical therapy (PT), it is an assumption that they are recovering from an injury or surgery. But in today’s world, PT isn’t just for recovery. There are many different diseases and disorders that can be helped with some time spent with a Life Fitness Physical Therapist. Here are some […]

Elder Care: Balance Training and Fall Prevention

If you have ever faced the situation of having to take care of an aging parent, you know how scary it can be for your parent to fall. If you haven’t been in that situation, count yourself lucky. When your parents reach a certain age, their bones become fragile and a simple fall that would […]

What is a Torn Rotator Cuff?

One of the most common injuries seen in a Physical Therapist’s office are torn rotator cuffs. But not many people know what exactly a rotator cuff is, how they injured it or what to expect when recovering from the injury. So let us explain! The Basic Anatomy A “rotator cuff” is actually a group of […]

What to Expect From Physical Therapy

Most people think physical therapy (PT) is a short visit to a magical doctor and your pain will instantly go away. Unfortunately that is not the case. PT isn’t just about what happens in the office but about the people behind the scenes and taking care of things yourself when you are at home. Keeping […]

Conquer Pregnancy Back Pains with Physical Therapy

Everyone has heard the horror stories of how painful it is to be pregnant and this is excluding the actual delivery of the baby. During the nine months of pregnancy, a woman will gain an average of 20 to 35 pounds in order to accommodate the baby. But this extra weight can lead to physical […]

Preventing Sports Injuries through Active Stretching

It’s easy to feel invincible and incredibly healthy when you have a consistent work out routine that gets results. You head to the gym every morning, you eat right, and you’re seeing progress each week. The good health and hard work can continue on, until they suddenly come to a crashing halt. Without proper stretching, […]

Work-Related Injuries: Avoiding Danger in an Office Environment

The workplace may seem like a same space. You probably spend a majority of your day sitting comfortably at your desk, and working at your computer. Interestingly enough, offices often see quite a few injuries over the course of a year. Even the simplest thing like spilled water or icy steps can prove hazardous for […]

Physical Therapy Helps with Injury Recovery

When you’re a young athlete with a real passion for the game and plenty of promise, an injury can be a truly devastating event. It may seem as though your future is now out of reach, and that can be a helpless feeling. The good news is that most injuries heal with a bit of […]

What to Expect from an ACL Injury

Just mentioning a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is enough to make even the most experienced Physical Therapists (PTs) and Orthopedic Surgeons wince in pain. Some report there being approximately 200,000 ACL injuries every year and nearly 100,000 of them involve either a partial or complete ligament tear. More than half of these injuries are […]

Preventing Headaches with Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps people overcome a multitude of problems, but did you know that it can actually help with headaches? Orthopedic care helps individuals with pain all over their bodies, and some people don’t realize that their headaches are caused by other underlying physical ailments. If you suffer from unexplained headaches, physical therapy may be […]

Physical Therapy for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a serious matter. Without proper treatment, this health issue can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and circulatory diseases. Unfortunately, this problem affects more than 75 million Americans. If you have been diagnosed with high pressure, it is not a death sentence. With proper diet and exercise, and the help of a […]

Minimizing the Risks of Summer Injuries

Nice temperatures lead to more physical activity, and while this is a wonderful change, it also causes an increase in summer injuries that require physical therapy. Emergency rooms see an increase of at least 18 percent during the summer. This increase comes in the form of people suffering from fractures, strains, and other injuries. Physical […]

Can Physical Therapy Help with Weight Loss?

It’s almost bathing suit season, and that means that many people are working tirelessly to push their body towards physical fitness. As a field, physical therapy is aimed at helping people regain control of their body and aiding in the treatment of medical issues. While this is certainly the primary goal of the physical therapy […]

What is Manual Therapy and how can it Help You?

When applicable, manual therapy provides a hands-on experience that many patients appreciate, and more importantly, benefit from. For orthopedic care, manual therapy is normally a great choice as a treatment option. If you suffer from orthopedic issues you may have heard of manual therapy, but don’t understand what it encompasses or how it can help […]

Physical Therapy for Tendinitis and Bursitis

You may have heard of tendinitis, which can happen after you repeatedly sprain your ankle. Your tendon will swell up and become painful. Bursitis is similar to tendinitis, but it is when a small, fluid-filled sac in between bones and muscles, tendons, or skin becomes swollen. Picture kneeling for a long period of time and […]

Treating COPD with Pulmonary Rehab

For individuals suffering with COPD, pulmonary rehab is a great program for helping to build physical fitness and learning techniques to help function with the disease. COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, makes everyday activities such as walking steps very difficult. With pulmonary rehab, exercise programs and breathing techniques can help a person work through […]

A Guide to Good Posture

One of the many benefits of physical therapy that most people are unaware of is the improvement of posture. We normally think of physical therapy as restoring functionally and improving muscle movements, but we don’t associate improved posture as a benefit of physical therapy. Good posture may not come easily to most people, but there […]

Treating Work Related Injuries with Physical Therapy

When an employee is injured during the course of their normal work duties, that classifies as workman’s compensation, and physical therapy may be needed to help recover from the injury. Although an employee could sustain a variety of injuries in their workplace, the most common type of work related injuries are lower back pain and […]

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy?

When someone suffers from dizziness, imbalance, and vertigo, vestibular rehabilitation therapy is an exercise-based program that promotes compensation for symptoms from inner ear deficits. Balance training and physical therapy are key elements in compensating for inner-ear symptoms. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy seeks to help with the variety of vestibular problems individuals may face, and it can […]

A Guide to Groin Strains

Groin strains are an incredibly common injury, especially for athletes. These injuries generally affect the area of the inner thigh, or the front of your hip. If you’re a soccer player, hockey player, or dancer, you probably know the pain of such injuries well, as they are most common in sports that involve running, kicking, […]

Dance Injuries and Physical Therapy

The art of dancing has always been one of the most popular ways for human beings of all ages to express themselves. For many people, dancing is more than a fun hobby or evening activity, it’s a sport. Competitive dancers are truly athletes, and they are well-equipped with an incredible technical dancing prowess. The downside […]

Physical Therapy through your Senior Years

When your body is young, it’s easy to take your strength and fitness for granted. It’s tough to look into the future and see how your days of youthful activity can lead to future aches and pains. As you age your body loses its ability to bounce back quickly from injuries. Daily tasks can take […]

A Brief History of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a well-established and well-known branch of the medical field and has been long praised for the relief it offers so many people. It has become such a common and integral part of medicine that its history might surprise you. The road to creating a well regulated landscape for physical therapists to work […]

Protect your Body from the Dangers of Desk Jobs

Approximately 86 percent of Americans work in desk jobs. On average, these people spend about 11 hours of their day sitting. Such a widespread practice may seem harmless, but this is far from true. People who spend this much time sitting are at an increased risk for an incredible number of serious health conditions. At […]

Common Sports Injuries and Physical Therapy

As an athlete, your body is your instrument. It is important that your body is in prime condition, free of injury and pain. The problem is, as an athlete, your body takes a beating. Whether you play at a professional level, or for a high school team, you have likely experienced a sports injury. When […]

How Important is my Home Exercise Program?

When you enlist the help of a physical therapist they can help you get a handle on your chronic pain, loss of mobility, or other problem. While visiting a physical therapist is certainly the first major step towards a full recovery that alone will not cure you. You will likely receive a series of exercises […]

Is Dry Needling for You?

It is easy to confuse trigger point dry needling with acupuncture, but the two serve very different purposes. If you experience muscle spasms or tension, you may be an excellent candidate to try out acupuncture’s lesser known relative. Your chronic musculoskeletal pain could benefit from dry needling. What is dry needling? Dry needling uses a […]

Weight Loss Through a Physical Therapy Routine

The power of a well-planned and well-defined physical therapy routine can have a large number of effects beyond simply healing a major injury. Proper physical therapy can lead to a body that is stronger overall, better mental health, and even noticeable and healthy weight loss. The process is no longer reserved for those with severe […]

Can Physical Therapy Correct Posture?

Posture cannot just be corrected with the snap of your fingers; it takes hard word and dedication. In the long run having good posture can help more than just your health. It could also be the difference between getting a promotion or having life-long back pain. With good posture your body will tire and ache […]

Is My Job High-Risk for an On-the-Job Injury?

Physical injuries can happen at virtually any time, even due to the most everyday, mundane activities. But some people are inherently at more risk than others for injuries simply because of the kind of job they perform. On-the-job injuries can cause severe, long-term consequences, and so if you are involved in a high-risk occupation, it […]

Your New Year’s Resolution: Weight Loss with Physical Therapy!

A new year means time for new resolutions, and the goal at the top of most everyone’s list is getting back into shape. Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy, our priorities are making sure that you are in perfect condition to take on your everyday challenges, whether it be walking to the grocery store or […]

Athletic Injury? Treat It with Physical Therapy

We’ve all had it happen to us: maybe we were running for the ball and there was a twinge in your ankle. Or maybe a teammate tackled you, and when you got up, your arm was sticking out at a funny angle. Once you go through the necessary steps of getting immediate treatment for your […]

Rough Day at the Office? Fix It with Physical Therapy!

As far as your physical health goes, a 9 to 5 job spent sitting at a desk all day is not exactly ideal. Sitting does not promote good circulation, range of motion, or flexibility, and all of these things are essential components to your well-being! Office workers may even find that they suffer from chronic […]

Can Physical Therapy Work for Arthritis Treatment?

When you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, you are left with stiff joints that can be extremely painful to move. As a result, even the most routine everyday activities can be an enormous challenge and can cause high levels of discomfort and fatigue. While medication can help mitigate some of this pain, another way to treat […]

Can My Carpal Tunnel be Treated with Physical Therapy?

If you have a job that demands using a computer and typing most of the day and have recently found yourself experiencing pain or numbness in your hand, wrist, or arm, you might have CTS, or carpal tunnel syndrome. CTS can also be developed if you work in an assembly line, or can be caused […]

Treating Dance Injuries with Physical Therapy

As effortless as it may appear, dancing is one of the most strenuous physical activities in which you can participate. A dancer’s body needs to be in top shape in order to get through practices and performances, and an injury can all-too-easily put a stop to this. Read on to discover more about some common […]

Sports Star’s Injury Points to PT Need

Whether they’ve been affecting your fantasy football scores or simply holding back your favorite teams from doing well this season, it is undeniable that injuries in professional sports have been taking their toll on athletes lately. One of the most recent reports comes from Chicago Bears star Brandon Marshall, who during a game against the […]

I’m Already In Shape- Do I Need Physical Therapy?

When people hear the word “therapy,” they most often think of it as a solution to an existing problem or issue. Therapy in all of its forms can certainly be that; it provides treatment and rehabilitation for people suffering from a wide range of things. But it may be time to start thinking of therapy […]

As You Age, Balance Training Becomes More Important

ounger bones and muscles tend to bounce back relatively quickly from most common injuries. While a severe fracture or pull might have long-term effects, the majority of everyday injuries only require rest and rehabilitation to make a full recovery. But while this may be the general rule for young people, as we get older, our […]

Staying Fit with Physical Therapy

When you get an injury, you may be used to following the rules of “RICE”, also know as rest, ice, compression, and elevation. However, more studies have been conducted, proving that keeping active while treating your injury is actually more effective. While you are resting your injury, you’re also resting the rest of your body. […]

Injuries in Youth Sports: A Growing Trend?

Now that school has been back in session for a while, more and more youth sports teams are gearing up for their competitive seasons. Participating in a school or club team has many benefits for young teens: it gives them a great opportunity to socialize, to practice new skills, to exercise, and to gain a […]

How Physical Therapy Corrects Posture

You may have gotten sick of hearing your parents tell you to “sit up straight!” as a child, but would you believe that they were actually right? Good posture is an important part of your body’s overall health and wellness. Unfortunately, many of us today suffer from bad posture: we sit at desks all day, […]

Improve your Range of Motion with Dundalk Physical Therapy

Let’s face it: some of us are simply not as active as we could be. Due to the demands of our jobs and life outside of work, we often overlook the importance of regular exercises. But this can end up working against us: our bodies are designed to do certain types of work, and if […]

Intro to Physical Therapy: Your First Session

People seek physical therapy for many reasons, from treatment for an injury to weight loss to treating other health issues. No matter why you need physical therapy, however, it is natural to wonder what exactly to expect on the day of your first physical therapy session. There is no need to be nervous or anxious […]

Physical Therapy: The Right Fit for Office Workers?

Many people associate on-the-job injuries with labor-intensive jobs, such as factory workers, construction zone workers, or even athletes. But in spite of the lowered level of activity, office workers can experience many types of injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, neck strain, and spine issues. So how can office workers seek help for these […]

What Common Injuries are Treated with Physical Therapy?

Contrary to what you may initially think, not all injuries are sustained due to strenuous, risky activity. In fact, you can injure yourself in a number of ways doing day-to-day things. Just because the circumstances of the injury are not exactly remarkable does not mean you can neglect treating it; a serious injury is a […]

Improve Pelvic Health with Physical Therapy

Pelvic health is an important and often overlooked part of any person’s physical well-being. Ignoring it for too long can lead to embarrassing and frustrating problems like urinary incontinence. Fortunately there are ways to help relieve this problem. One of the most effective can be pelvic floor exercises which, when taught by a proper physical […]

Got Low Back Pain? Get Physical Therapy!

Not all injuries are the result of intense physical activity. Some of our aches and pains can be caused by just the opposite- a lack of activity and movement. Lower back pain can be the result of just such a sedentary lifestyle; office workers and those who primarily remain seated at their jobs all day […]

How Does Sports Medicine Help Athletes?

The most important thing to committed athlete is being able to participate in their sport of choice. However, whether by overexerting their muscles, failing to train properly, or through pure bad luck, an injury can keep an athlete benched indefinitely. Only through proper care can the injury heal and future injuries be prevented so that […]

Treat PCS with Physical Therapy White Marsh

On the whole, concussions are a fairly common injury. Americans sustain roughly 3.8 million concussions per year, and they are usually the result of sport or other recreational activity accidents. But while concussions are common, they can lead to some very serious side effects. Post-concussion syndrome, or PCS, is a disorder that can last for […]

Where Can I Recover After a Workplace Injury?

Whether it is due to the negligence of an employer or just plain bad luck, a workplace injury can affect almost anyone. When it does, it is important to seek the treatment you need in order to get yourself back in working condition so that you are not off the job for too long. Workers’ […]

Can My Pain be Treated with Orthopedic Physical Therapy?

Pain can quickly grow from an occasional nuisance to a full-blown, life-altering impediment. People who suffer from muscle and joint pain know this all too well; chronic pain can make it difficult to carry out even the most basic day-to-day activities. Luckily, there is a way to go about treating muscle and joint pain and […]

Treating Carpal Tunnel with Physical Therapy

You may know someone who developed carpal tunnel from overstressing their wrist at work, but in fact, there are many causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. An existing injury to the arm or wrist, an overactive pituitary gland, arthritis: All of these things, among others, can be the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. So what exactly […]

Treating Vertigo with Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is perhaps most often associated with treating pulled muscles or rehabilitation after an accident of some sort. But in reality, it actually has many more applications that can help make your life easier and more enjoyable. For many people, disorders such as vertigo, motion sensitivity, Meniere’s Disease, and other balance disorders can affect […]

How is Physical Therapy Related to Weight Loss?

There are many factors that can either contribute to an injury or prevent you from successfully recovering from one. One of these factors is weight; your weight is directly related to your overall health and wellbeing, and so it is just as vital as any other component of your physical therapy treatment. Life Fitness Physical […]

Study Reports Private Physical Therapy Clinics are Better Value

According to a recent article from PT in Motion News, patients who attend physical therapy at a privately-owned clinic, such as Life Fitness Physical Therapy in Columbia, find themselves paying less for their therapy than those patients at hospital outpatient departments. While the exact reasoning behind the discrepancy is more or less up for debate, […]

On-the-Job Injuries You Can Treat With Physical Therapy

Depending on where you work, there are different degrees of risk associated with your specific job. Some jobs, particularly those in construction, manufacturing, or any others that involve intense physical labor, can put you in danger of injury. Though you may be more susceptible to injury if you have such a job, that does not […]

When Would I Need Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy?

Among the many services that the Life Fitness expert physical therapists provide is cardiopulmonary physical therapy. But what exactly does this type of physical therapy entail? Are you perhaps someone who could benefit from cardiopulmonary physical therapy? With many kinds of physical therapy, the therapy targets a specific muscle group or joint in order to […]

Common Sports Injuries that can be helped by Physical Therapy?

Sports put your body through its paces, and then some. While we all assume that those who participate in contact sports, such as football, will have their fair share of bumps and bruises at some point, it’s important to note that all athletes run the risk of injuring themselves. Sports medicine physical therapy can be […]

Types of workouts that help Lower Blood Pressure?

Do you find it difficult to keep your blood pressure under control? High blood pressure is a silent killer, but there are ways to lower blood pressure to a good level and maintain it. The American Heart Association defines high blood pressure as 140- 170 Hg systolic over a 90-109 diastolic. If you want to […]

The Benefits of Injury Screening and Evaluations

Do you suspect you have injured yourself? It’s time to have an injury screening and evaluations performed by a professional physical therapists in Towson. By enrolling yourself in a high quality injury screening and prevention program, you can learn about proper functionality for your body to see not only if you have an injury but […]

How can Rosedale Physical Therapy help me lose weight for Summer Vacation?

Are you trying to lose weight just in time for summer vacation? You can start losing weight by enrolling yourself in Rosedale physical therapy. How can a Rosedale physical therapy program help you lose weight for Summer? It’s simple. Your Rosedale certified physical therapists can motivate you to stick to a regular exercise program. When your […]

Can Physical Therapy in Towson help ease my Back Pain?

Are you having back problems? You may be able to resolve your back pain without undergoing surgery. How can you do it? You can go to physical therapy to relieve your back pains with orthopedic care services, sports medicine, and other physical therapy services right here in Towson MD. People that suffer from back problems […]

Prevent Weight Loss Roadblocks with Physical Therapy

When you’re focusing on weight loss it can seem like a never ending struggle, but you can get into shape if you know how to overcome roadblocks. Going to Physical Therapy Westminster can help you get your life on track by teaching you safe and effective ways to exercise. Often people come to physical therapy […]

Benefits of Strength Training at Physical Therapy Towson MD?

Have you heard that strength training is one of the best ways to lose weight fast? It’s true. Body builders use strength training to bulk up fast, while slimming down. Check out the benefits of strength training at Physical Therapy Towson MD. So why is strength training becoming more recommended? It’s simple. Strength training allows people […]

Why should I spend more time at Physical Therapy than the Gym?

Have you been spending time in the gym,but making no progress improving your physical health and wellness? You may be spending too much time in the gym. Yes, it’s possible to spend too much time in the gym.Instead, you may improve your fitness better at Physical Therapy. When you put a great deal of effort […]

Spinal Cord Injuries: How can Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Services Benefit me?

Spinal cord injuries. This type of injury can leave one paralyze for a lifetime depending on the level of severity, but there’s hope that one will have the opportunity to move his/her legs again with the introduce of the electrical stimulator. It made national news that electrical stimulators can help paralyzed people move again. How […]

Columbia MD: What are the benefits of Sports Medicine Columbia and Physical Therapy?

Are you an athlete or some one undergoing physical fitness training? Sports medicine Columbia and regular physical therapy can help you meet and exceed your physical fitness goals. This article will tell you about the benefits you can reap from sports medicine and physical therapy. Here are the benefits of sports medicine Columbia and regular […]

How Can Sports Medicine Help Injured Athletes?

Sports injuries can carry life long problems. They can make it difficult to keep playing the sport of your choice and can cause pain for life. Many times, physical therapy and sports medicine is the way to go to avoid having these problems affect you for life. Sports injuries usually include orthopedic fractures and sprains […]

Columbia Physical Therapists: How can Physical Therapy relieve my pain?

Are tired of physical pain controlling your life? It might be time for you to pay a visit to a reputable, /location/life-fitness-physical-therapy-columbia/ or surrounding Baltimore Metropolitan area. How can Columbia physical therapists or Baltimore physical therapists help you relieve your physical pain? When you enroll at a professional physical therapy center, your physical health will […]

Parkville Physical Therapy: What are the benefits of Sports Medicine Physical Therapy?

Are you in need of a professional sports care provider in Parkville MD? Are you preparing yourself to undergo sports care rehabilitation physical therapy in Parkville MD? We have the perfect Parkville physical therapy clinic for your Sports Medicine needs. A good sports medicine physical therapists in Parkville MD will offer your comprehensive physical therapy […]

How can Physical Therapy treat Secondary Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis / Secondary Osteoporosis does not have to change your life. You can enroll yourself in physical therapy to help you reduce the risk of fracturing your bones. This is known as Osteoporosis Rehabilitation. At the beginning of your osteoporosis rehabilitation, you may feel very fragile and helpless, but you will feel stronger as you […]

Fall Prevention: How can I improve my balance as I age?

As we age, maintaining our balance becomes essential to our healthy well-being. It only takes one bad fall to severely injury ones self or worse- cause death. How can I prevent myself from falling? You can prevent falls by boosting up your body balance. You can learn how to boost your balance by enrolling yourself […]

Towson Physical Therapy: Is an exercise date a good Valentine’s Day gift?

We are only 4 days away from Valentine’s Day. If you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle or want to help your significant other live a healthier lifestyle, you can promote healthy living by incorporating Towson physical therapy exercises into your Valentine’s Day weekend plans. There are ways you can stay healthy and fit as […]

Columbia MD: What are the health benefits of Cardio Pulmonary Physical Therapy?

Has your doctor told you that you are at a high risk for cardiovascular problems? It’s not news many of us would like to hear, but there are ways to address cardiovascular risks with Cardio Pulmonary Physical Therapy. With a cardio pulmonary physical therapist, you can improve your physical health by getting in the routine […]

How can I Lose Weight and get healthy with Lutherville Physical Therapy?

Are you looking to improve your living wellness just in time for spring? Then it’s time you learn about the health benefits of the Paleo diet and Lutherville Physical Therapy. What is the Paleo Diet? The Paleo diet is a diet that helps individuals eat healthy, actively do smart exercises and make appropriate lifestyle adjustments […]

The Dangers of Sitting at Work: How can I protect my physical health?

Did you know sitting in your office chair for hours and hours in can be as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes every day? If that makes you jump out of your seat, stay there. Standing and taking walks around the office can help you maintain good health. It’s never good for your health to live a […]

How can I maintain good fitness during cold weather?

We are experiencing a very chilly winter. The cold can lower our desire to keep up with our regular exercise routines and make us indulge on junk food and high calorie comfort food. To keep yourself motivated to maintain good fitness throughout winter, you need to stick to a warm and safe fitness environment. You […]

Why is it important to have a Physical Therapist when starting a weight loss fitness routine?

So you made a promise to yourself that you will lose weight and improve your physical health in 2014. You thought you could do it on your own but you have come across some major hurdles since committing to your weight loss fitness routine. The primary hurdle is that you’re not losing weight at all […]

How can Physical Therapy help you stick to your fitness New Year’s Resolution?

Have you made a New Year’s resolution that you’ll be a healthier and fitter you? Most of us try and many of us have doubts whether we will actually achieve our New Year physical fitness goals. If you truly want to lose weight and get into shape this New Year, you have to have a […]

New Year’s Resolutions: How can I stick to a healthy fitness program?

It’s a New Year and many news resolutions consisted of promises to live fitter, healthier lives. According to data collected by University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology here are the top 10 New Years resolutions of 2014 (listed from 1-10): Lose weight Be more organized Save Money (spend less) Live life to the fullest […]

How can physical fitness help me feel stronger in 2014?

If you’re searching for ways to be a healthier and fitter you in 2014, you can start on your journey to better living by enrollment yourself in a physical therapy program. A physical therapy program is essential to living a healthier lifestyle because it will give you the opportunity to educate yourself about the proper […]

Columbia Physical Therapy: Can I benefit from morning physical therapy?

Do you experience chronic fatigue? Columbia Physical Therapy may help you feel more energized by helping you discipline yourself to follow a morning or afternoon exercise routine. What’s so great about regular exercise? It can help you reduce your stress and any physical tension you may experience in your bones or muscles. The best part […]

Ellicott City Physical Therapy: How can Physical Therapy help you regain muscle while losing weight?

Have you found yourself feeling sluggish as winter sets in? If you don’t keep physically active during the winter months, you will find yourself gaining access weight and losing essential muscle mass. It’s time to get moving. But how will you keep physically active? You can start on the right track by enrolling yourself in […]

How to gain more muscle mass with physical therapy and a healthy diet

Have you been sticking to a traditional weight loss diet that’s not giving you the results you want? It happens and it’s about time you ditch your traditional weight loss dieting strategy and take your chance on innovative physical therapy and weight loss dieting. Now health studies reveal that sticking to a fitness routine and […]

Physical Therapy Catonsville: The benefits of indoor workouts

As the temperature drops, you may find it difficult to stay on a regular workout routine. When you don’t feel motivated to workout on cold winter days, you could put your health in jeopardy. Fortunately, there are ways to stay fit during the winter by having physical therapists coach you on staying healthy and fit. […]

Can physical therapy and healthy eating keep you well?

If you are worried about the holiday dinners taking a toll on your physical well being, it’s time to take control of your physical fitness during the holiday season and well after. To maintain good health we need to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and leaner meats. We also need to regularly exercise. You can […]

How Physical Therapy prepares for healthy weight loss

Are you searching for ways to lose weight during the holidays? Physical Therapy can help you get through the challenging times of your body’s transformation. When we refer to the challenging times, we are not only acknowledging the physical fitness efforts. We are acknowledging how you will feel watching your body transform week after week. […]

The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Breast Cancer Survivors

Are you a breast cancer survivor? Do you know a breast cancer survivor looking for ways to improve physical functionality? Physical Therapy can offer many health benefits to breast cancer survivors. After having treatments for breast cancer one of the hardest decisions breast cancer patients can make is deciding how to get back to their […]

The Benefits of Comprehensive Physical Therapy Columbia Evaluations

Have you recently experienced a physical injury? Are you trying to restore your mobility post-surgery? If this sounds like you, it is time to make an appointment with a physical therapist. A physical therapist in Maryland can perform a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation on you to treat you for physical conditions that have reduced your […]

Rehabilitation Physical Therapy White Marsh

Have you experienced an acute or serious injury? Laying on the couch all day will not help you fully recover. You will need to enroll in a rehabilitation physical therapy program that’s tailored to meet your physical therapy needs. When searching for a physical therapy White Marsh program, you should find a physical therapy center […]

The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Hip and Pelvic injuries

Have you experienced a painful hip or pelvic injury? It’s a pain like no other. Hip and pelvic pains don’t simply come and go, and can be experienced throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting, standing, walking or running, you’ll feel the pain. Fortunately physical therapy at Life Fitness Physical Therapy can reduce […]

Can Physical Therapy Rosedale help with Weight loss?

Have you been injured and struggling to recover because you cannot get your weight under control? Then it’s time to enroll in Life Fitness Physical Therapy Rosedale. Having regular physical therapy after an injury is crucial to a rapid recovery. It is also crucial to better your health after having a setback. How will you […]

Benefits of Workers’ Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Glen Burnie

Have you seriously injured yourself on the job? Are you worried about how long it will take for you to fully recover? How will you pay your bills? How will you cover your medical bills? Stop worrying. Life Fitness Physical Therapy Glen Burnie is here to help you quickly and safely go through post-injury rehabilitation […]

How to recover from a physical injury and avoid depression

Did you experience a recent physical injury that made you let yourself go? Then it’s time to enroll in Life Fitness Physical Therapy to get yourself back into shape, help you recover and encourage you to live life to the fullest. At Life Fitness Physical Therapy we work hard to provide our patients individualized treatment […]

Physical Therapy Improves Ergonomics Westminster

Do you find yourself in pain as you move, sit or work? You can find relief with physical therapy.  Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy we offer physical therapy that focuses on improving ergonomics Westminster. With a proper evaluation of your work conditions, we can teach you how to move and work comfortably and safely […]

Fitness Catonsville : Can physical therapy assist with weight loss?

Have you experienced a big weight gain after a physical injury? Then it’s time to get it under control with Life Fitness Physical Therapy Catonsville. Physical therapy is all about maintaining good health and improving your body’s conditioning and functioning. If your physical ability has been limited, there are therapeutic exercises you can learn about […]

Physical Therapy Dundalk helps with pain reduction

Have you been experiencing excoriating pain? Then it’s time for physical therapy at Life Fitness Physical Therapy Dundalk. Physical therapy is a treatment designed to relieve physical pain, heal your body of injury and restore normal function / movement post-injury. Often a medical doctor will recommend physical therapy to you after surgery or during the […]

The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Injury recovery

Have you experienced a  physical injury and need to find an encouraging team of physical therapists to get you back to performing at your best? Life Fitness Physical Therapy is The choice for physical therapy in Greater Baltimore. About Life Fitness Physical Therapy Life Fitness Physical Therapy has physical therapists on staff dedicated to providing […]

Where can I go for full service Physical Therapy Owings Mills?

Do you need orthopedic care or Sports Medicine? If yes, Life Fitness Physical Therapy in Owings Mills is the physical therapy center for you. We help patients properly recover by evaluating, consulting, and physically empowering them during physical therapy treatments. What is your musculoskeletal impairment? Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy Owings Mills we treat […]

Balance and Fall Prevention Glen Burnie

Are you a senior citizen or know of one that fears that she or he may become a victim of home floor injuries? Life Fitness Physical Therapy Glen Burnie is here to help you or your loved one overcome the fear of falling and severely injuring ones self. Our Balance and Fall Prevention Glen Burnie […]

What to Expect from Physical Therapy Towson

Are you recovering from an injury? Are you anxious about your first physical therapy session? Don’t be. Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy Towson we make customer care a top priority. Our Life Fitness Physical Therapy sessions are entirely individualized. What is individualized physical therapy?  It is a type of physical therapy that heals tissue […]

The Benefits of Post Surgical Physical Therapy

You’re going into surgery any day now. Even after surgery, it’s important to have a recovery plan. Post surgical physical therapy is one of the best rehabilitation choices you can make for your mental and physical health. At Life Fitness Physical Therapy in Dundalk, we blend comprehensive, progressive and compassion in our rehabilitation care to […]

How to Treat Balance Disorders

What is a balance disorder?  A balance disorder is when an individual feels unsteady and dizzy while lying down or standing still. There are a variety of reasons why people get the sensation of floating or spinning while they are not active. Some common reasons are: Pre-existing health conditions Medications Issues with the inner ear Brain […]

The Benefits of Functional Fitness

Are you searching for a means to meet your physical fitness goals, even after a physical injury? Then it’s time to enroll in Physical Therapy at our Towson Life Fitness Physical Therapy facility. Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to helping all clients reach their full physical functionality. The therapy needed to […]

Physical Therapy: How can it help you on the road to recovery

When you have experienced an injury, the road to recovery can seem impossible but quality physical therapy from Life Fitness Physical Therapy can restore you back to good health in no time. Physical therapy is a perfect treatment for a wide variety of orthopedic conditions such as knee injuries, neck aches and lower back pains. […]

Knee Injury: The Benefits of Sports Medicine

Do you have a knee injury? You can fully recover from a knee injury with Life Fitness Physical Therapy Glen Burnie, MD’s sports medicine services.Our sports medicine personal training is prefect for rehabbing an injured knee. Physical Therapy for knee injuries is designed to strengthen the knee and help you mentally overcome injuries. Strength and […]

Towson Physical Therapy: How to Relieve Pelvic Pain

Are you experiencing pelvic pain? It’s time to schedule an appointment with Life Fitness Physical Therapy in Towson, MD. Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy center in Towson we offer comprehensive pelvic health and wellness services. Our comprehensive pelvic health care is provided through licensed physical therapists who truly care about the well being of […]

Comprehensive Orthopedic Care in Columbia Maryland

Are you in search of a physical therapy center that provides comprehensive orthopedic care? Life Fitness Physical Therapy in Columbia is the physical therapy center for you. We provide comprehensive orthopedic care for adults and children. Have you had surgery on your knee, hip or shoulder? Did you experience a sport injury? Do you suffer […]

Physical Therapy Glen Burnie: The Benefits Of Anodyne Therapy

If you are suffering from nerve damage Life Fitness Physical Therapy Glen Burnie can provide you Anodyne Therapy. Anodyne Therapy can provide many benefits to people suffering from diabetes, traumatic injuries, metabolic problems, and infection. Nerve damage can create frequent pain and numbness in the hands, arms, legs and feet of individuals. In worse case […]

Westminster Orthopedic Care: Surgical Repairs

Are you searching for ways to speed up your surgical repairs/ recovery? It is time to start Westminster orthopedic care at Life Fitness Physical Therapy. After surgery, you can experience limited range of motion and have difficulty with your ability to move. From mild to severe motion and movement disabilities, Westminster orthopedic care should be […]

How Physical Therapy Relieves Arthritis Owings Mills

Are you suffering from Arthritis and joint pain? If yes, you stop suffering from arthritis and joint pain with Life Fitness Physical Therapy’s arthritis Owings Mills orthopedic care. Life Fitness Physical Therapy’s arthritis Owings Mills orthopedic program provides physical evaluations, consultations and physical therapy treatments for arthritis including knee arthritis. How does arthritis happen? Arthritis […]