Work-Related Injuries: Avoiding Danger in an Office Environment

The workplace may seem like a same space. You probably spend a majority of your day sitting comfortably at your desk, and working at your computer. Interestingly enough, offices often see quite a few injuries over the course of a year. Even the simplest thing like spilled water or icy steps can prove hazardous for unsuspecting workers. If a work-related injury has placed you on the sidelines, don’t worry. Physical therapy can be the perfect way to get you back in working condition after suffering work-related injuries.

Office Space Work-Related Injuries
Take a look around your office next time you step inside. What do you notice? With computers and desk everywhere, there are bound to be cords out of place, carpets that gather, boxes in the way, or some other type of obstacle. Busy people are often too preoccupied accomplishing tasks to worry about organization, but this can be to their detriment. One of the most common types of work-related injuries is falls. Sometimes falls are minor. You hop back up, dust yourself off, and carry on with your day. Other times you might end up in the hospital with a strain, break, concussion, or other injury. If you do end up needing recovery time, physical therapy can help speed the process in a way that’s comfortable for you.

You may think that sitting safely in your desk and doing your work quietly are the best ways to stay safe in the work place, but you would be wrong. Excessive sitting is actually quite bad for you and can lead to a variety of injuries. In most cases, these injuries tend to fall in the categories of pains and strains, but in some cases they can lead to more serious musculoskeletal issues, numbness, and mental fatigue. You can consult your physical therapist to help mitigate the effects of this common work-related injury, or learn more about how to prevent the issues from ever occurring. Ergonomic office equipment and practices are important.

Life Fitness PT
If you would like help working on your overall-well being or would like more information about physical therapy, the friendly staff of Life Fitness Physical Therapy can work with you on creating a custom program. The longer you wait to improve physical ailments, the more your body will suffer down the road. Call today at 410-368-1026, or schedule an appointment online.

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