Ellicott City Physical Therapy: How can Physical Therapy help you regain muscle while losing weight?

Life Fitness Physical Therapy Ellicott City

Have you found yourself feeling sluggish as winter sets in? If you don’t keep physically active during the winter months, you will find yourself gaining access weight and losing essential muscle mass. It’s time to get moving. But how will you keep physically active? You can start on the right track by enrolling yourself in a Ellicott City Physical Therapy program.

At Physical Therapy you can learn about the 80/20 rule of fitness and truly live it out.

What is the 80/20 rule of fitness?

The 80/20 rule of physical fitness is about living a healthier more physically active lifestyle. You will be on the road to healthy physical fitness and strength as soon as you can convert to a positive mentality related to your eating habits and physical fitness.

In reference to the 80% of the 80-20 rule, you have the freedom to eat fresh and healthy food to your hearts content 80% of the time. As for the 20%, you can indulge on your favorite treats. That means the majority of your meals a day will be healthy. Healthy eating combined with a good fitness routine will help you regain loss muscle and reduce your overall body fat.

Anytime you are training to lose weight, you need to recover muscle strength and find ways to better maintain your stamina. When you choose to lose double the fat of your body, you always run the risk of losing muscle, if you do not have a nutritional diet and only set on losing weight but maintaining good muscle strength.

It’s important to restore your muscle strength anytime you are taking on a weight loss goal because muscle loss means you’ll experience more fatigue. Ellicott City Physical Therapy can help you feel less fatigue by keeping physical active through effective exercise programs.

Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy Ellicott City, we can tailor your Physical Therapy 100% to meet your muscle strength needs.

What can physical therapy do to help you maintain a good body weight and your muscle strength?

  1. Physical Therapy sessions at the Life Fitness Ellicott City Physical Therapy location will help you build new muscle every month while reducing your feelings of fatigue.
  2. Physical Therapy will help you pace yourself. Our physical therapists are here to help you every step of the way to improve your flexibility and increase your upper and lower body strength.
  3. Our physical therapists will teach the importance of a balanced diet and how to maintain a balanced diet without making it a chore.

Our physical therapists in Ellicott City are to help you get on the right fitness training program. Learn about our Orthopedic Care and Sports Medicine services today.