The Benefits of Functional Fitness

Are you searching for a means to meet your physical fitness goals, even after a physical injury? Then it’s time to enroll in Physical Therapy at our Towson Life Fitness Physical Therapy facility.
Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to helping all clients reach their full physical functionality.

The therapy needed to reach this goal is called functional fitness. This type of therapy falls under sports medicine. Every physical therapy treatment is individually designed for the quickest, most effective recovery.

Is functional fitness the best physical therapy for you?
That depends on your need. If you’re trying to train your muscles to safely and efficiently mobilize you, functional fitness can help you achieve your goal. Functional fitness is an exercise designed to improve quality of life by improving physical therapy. During physical therapy, we will help you perform motions you need to do to carry out work tasks, sports and daily tasks in your personal life. We will help you strengthen your upper body and lower body movements through core stability exercise.

Here are some workouts you’ll perform during fitness functional physical therapy:

  • Squats
  • Bicep Curls
  • Multi-joint exercise
  • Multi-muscle exercises ( elbows, spine, hips, shoulders and more)
  • And activities using fitness balls, kettle balls, and weights.

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