Fall Prevention: How can I improve my balance as I age?

As we age, maintaining our balance becomes essential to our healthy well-being. It only takes one bad fall to severely injury ones self or worse- cause death.

How can I prevent myself from falling?

You can prevent falls by boosting up your body balance. You can learn how to boost your balance by enrolling yourself in a Glen Burnie physical therapy program.

As you age you need to keep yourself steady or you could find yourself having a severe balance disorder. Anytime you feel as if you cannot stand up or walk for long, it’s time to evaluate your sense of balance. Most people don’t know they have a balancing problem until those people end up falling.

Here are some sure signs you have problems keeping a good balance:

You depend on handrails to travel up and down stairs.
You find yourself frequently leaning on armrests to get yourself out a sitting position.
You wobble when you stand your feet too close together.

The average person develops a serious balancing disorder at some point in his/her 50s. You can boost your balance the best by doing physical therapy exercises in your 30s and 40s. You can do the most to recover from falls in your 50s.

The key to having good balance is to keep active. A report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed that falls are the leading cause of severe injury for people 65 and over. In fact every 17 seconds a senior citizen goes to the emergency room because of a fall.

Every 30 minutes 1 senior citizen dies from a fall

Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy in Glen Burnie, you can find out your exact balance ability. It is important to know how steady you are because it can save your life.

At Life Fitness Physical Therapy in Glen Burnie, we evaluate the steadiness of our physical therapy patients with the Berg Balance Scale and Tinetti Test. The Berg Balance and Tinetti test measure balance in the following ways:

  • How quickly can you rise from your chair? Are you in pain as you rise from your chair? Do you need to use armrests to get yourself up?
  • How steady are you when you place your feet close together?
  • If someone nudges you, do you start to fall quickly?
  • How difficult or easy is it for you to turn 360 degrees (both with your eyes open and closed)?

How does my body balance itself?

The body controls balance starting with the brain cerebellum. The cerebellum controls movement and coordination.

By actively working out in physical therapy, you can help your body keep in good shape, which will boost your balance. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes of exercise a day to boost up your balance.

Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy, we will help you strengthen your hips, legs and teach you how to reduce the impact if you fall.

Let our certified physical therapists at Life Fitness Physical Therapy keep you safe, secure and independent with our balancing exercises for balance disorders.

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