On-the-Job Injuries You Can Treat With Physical Therapy

Depending on where you work, there are different degrees of risk associated with your specific job. Some jobs, particularly those in construction, manufacturing, or any others that involve intense physical labor, can put you in danger of injury. Though you may be more susceptible to injury if you have such a job, that does not mean there is no solution. The physical therapy experts at Life Fitness Physical Therapy are well-acquainted with the kinds of on-the-job injuries many workers endure, and they have the know-how and experience to treat these injuries.

Repetitive motion injuries are among the most common workplace injuries and, unlike most workplace injuries, these can occur even in jobs that do not require intense physical labor. Even consistent typing at a computer can cause carpal tunnel or other wrist-related strains. The rates of repetitive motion injuries go up, of course, for more labor-intensive jobs; if you are constantly lifting heavy items or operating a machine that requires you to repeat the same arm motion every day, you can easily strain your back or shoulder.

On-the-job injuries can happen completely by accident. Ankle sprains or pulled muscles can occur if you trip and fall or slip and twist your body to catch yourself. While these kinds of injuries are fairly ubiquitous in every day life, the risk does increase at work; items may be left out where they shouldn’t be, a liquid could spill onto a concrete floor, making it slippery, or you make simply be rushing to your station and not watching your step.

Overexertion injuries can occur frequently on the job, particularly for those involved in the shipping industry. Unlike a repetitive motion injury, it may take only one occurrence of lifting a heavy object for you to suffer a severe sprain or to pull a tendon.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy offers worker’s compensation rehabilitation therapy for those who have been injured on the job.

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