What is Manual Therapy and how can it Help You?

When applicable, manual therapy provides a hands-on experience that many patients appreciate, and more importantly, benefit from. For orthopedic care, manual therapy is normally a great choice as a treatment option. If you suffer from orthopedic issues you may have heard of manual therapy, but don’t understand what it encompasses or how it can help you. Below is a brief overview.

Manual Therapy & Orthopedic Care
Manual therapy is a hands-on treatment that can include moving joints in certain directions, stretching muscles and establishing resistance practices. The point of manual therapy is to decrease pain and increase functionality, while monitoring muscle responses and reactions to treatments. Patients will respond differently to specific movements and treatments, so a physical therapist will be able to offer techniques that can restore normal function for joints and soft tissues. For those suffering from chronic pain, manual therapy can be a great step in finding relief and potential recovery solutions.

Candidates for Manual Therapy
If you suffer from joint, muscle or tissue problems that affect your movement and cause painful experiences, then you could be a candidate for manual therapy. There are common disorders that can be treated by manual therapy, but conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and those suffering with spinal cord injuries can benefit from manual therapy.

Orthopedic Manual Therapy
While orthopedic manual therapy may seem similar to other forms of physical therapy, there are many key differences. With orthopedic manual therapy, reactions are careful observed and help create assessments for farther treatments. A patient’s responses will help to establish what is working, what can be improved on and help to paint an overall picture of a patient’s current condition.

Manual Therapy Benefits
Time and time again, manual therapy has helped improved patient’s health quickly and effectively. If you’ve dealt with chronic pain, manual therapy will allow you to get back to your normal life faster, and help you to create a plan to limit long-term issues with certain conditions. Manual therapy also helps to provide psychological benefits to your recovery, as you have a trained individual who will be by your side to offer support and encouragement.

If you believe you are a candidate for manual therapy or would like more information, the friendly staff of Life Fitness Physical Therapy can work with you on creating a custom program. The longer you wait to improve physical ailments, the more your body will suffer down the road. Call today at 410-368-1026, or schedule an appointment online.

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