How to gain more muscle mass with physical therapy and a healthy diet

Have you been sticking to a traditional weight loss diet that’s not giving you the results you want? It happens and it’s about time you ditch your traditional weight loss dieting strategy and take your chance on innovative physical therapy and weight loss dieting.

Now health studies reveal that sticking to a fitness routine and reducing the body’s intake of calories can speed up weight loss and keep it off for good. In a sense the innovative weight loss strategy is a safe fast that motivates individuals to still keep up with a healthy weight loss.

In theory, you can enjoy five normal days of eating and set aside two days of restricted eating to help speed up your weight loss. It will be difficult at first to stick to this weight loss strategy but it works better than forcing yourself to be watchful of your calories everyday. The innovative diet can also help you reap more cognitive and physical health benefits such as having more muscle mass. On average you can lose 5% of your original body weight once starting the innovative weight loss.

By enrolling yourself in physical therapy and sticking to a healthy, innovative diet you can lose weight while assisting your regain of muscle mass.

Muscle mass loss and gaining of fat can happen at anytime, but particularly after physical injuries, or sickness. It’s important to find ways to regain muscle mass as you age and stick to a well-balanced food diet. Your well-balanced food diet should include seafood, nuts, beans and plenty of lean meats such as poultry.

Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy we will help you train your body to regain muscle mass. You will partake in physical therapy workouts such as stretching and core strengthening. With regular physical therapy sessions, your flexibility and blood circulation will improve. We help you get use to cardiovascular exercise so you can increase your heart rate and burn more calories/ loss more weight and gain more muscle. Our strength training will also lower your risk of physical injury as you age and reduce your risk of arthritis pain.

Our physical therapists are to help you get on the right fitness training program. Learn about our Cardio Pulmonary Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine services today.