Treating Carpal Tunnel with Physical Therapy

You may know someone who developed carpal tunnel from overstressing their wrist at work, but in fact, there are many causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. An existing injury to the arm or wrist, an overactive pituitary gland, arthritis: All of these things, among others, can be the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. So what exactly is carpal tunnel syndrome, and how can you go about treating it? Life Fitness Physical Therapy is here to tell you.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?
Carpal tunnel syndrome is when a main nerve in your forearm and hand is pressed or pinched at the wrist. This nerve controls muscle impulses and sensation in most of your hand and fingers, and so carpal tunnel can affect their functions. Those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome most often report symptoms including pain and weakness in the hand, numbness and tingling throughout the arm, and an itching or burning sensation in the palm.

How is carpal tunnel treated?
In advanced cases, the best thing to do is to rest the wrist until sensation returns to normal. However once it does, or if your carpal tunnel is not yet fully developed, exercise and physical therapy can help restore the arm, wrist, and hand to normal. Physical therapy to treat carpal tunnel allows the muscles and tendons that surround the nerve to be strengthened, meaning not only will the existing symptoms be treated, but also that the likelihood of future carpal tunnel is decreased.

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