How can physical fitness help me feel stronger in 2014?

If you’re searching for ways to be a healthier and fitter you in 2014, you can start on your journey to better living by enrollment yourself in a physical therapy program. A physical therapy program is essential to living a healthier lifestyle because it will give you the opportunity to educate yourself about the proper and safe physical workouts.

To prepare you for an easy transition to regular physical therapy workouts, we are here to tell you about the most common physical workout mistakes. You need to know about these common physical fitness mistakes to keep you safe and sound throughout your transition to a better you.

Here is a list of the top five physical fitness mistakes:

  1. Being afraid to jump and land too heavy. This mistake commonly occurs during squats jumps. You can correct this mistake that harms the joints by starting with standing broad jumps. This is a position where the arms swing and the feet jump forward.
  2. Not looking at mirrors. People often avoid looking at mirrors during workouts because they feel looking at their bodies will be a distraction. If you are experiencing this at your physical fitness sessions, look in the mirror. The mirror can help you monitor your form. A physical therapist can help you identify whether you’re working out correctly. Dead lifts and squats are done better when individuals can look at their forms in the mirror.
  3. Over resting between workouts. Giving your muscles too much recovery time can prevent your muscles from strengthening. Your physical therapist can keep you moderately fatigue during workouts by timing your rest breaks. The average should be a pause of 10 to 30 seconds. Don’t try to impress your trainer. Your trainer is here to improve your well being and prevent injuries.

Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy we will help you recover from physical injuries and prevent future ones. We are here to help your rebuild your muscle strength. We are here to improve your motion flexibility.

From stretching routines to heat and cold treatments, we are here to help you feel physically stronger.

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