Common Sports Injuries that can be helped by Physical Therapy?

Sports put your body through its paces, and then some. While we all assume that those who participate in contact sports, such as football, will have their fair share of bumps and bruises at some point, it’s important to note that all athletes run the risk of injuring themselves. Sports medicine physical therapy can be the key to putting your body back where it needs to be in order to keep playing. But what are some of the most common sports injuries that physical therapists treat?

Sprained Ankles

Anytime an athlete is involved in running or jumping, he or she is at risk for a sprained ankle. The ankle joint’s ligaments get stretched too far, and this results in tearing. While a sprained ankle is not one of the most severe sports injuries, it can be painful and so it is important to seek a physical therapist who can discuss how to treat and prevent any future sprained ankles. Much of the treatment for a sprained ankle involves strengthening the joint and the surrounding muscles so that the ankle is properly supported during motion-intensive activities.

Tennis elbow

It’s not just for tennis players anymore! In fact, it never has been exclusive to those who play the sport it’s named for; golfers and baseball players can also develop tennis elbow, an inflaming of the forearm muscles that can cause pain and limited motion. Physical therapy can help those who suffer from tennis elbow discover how to properly strengthen this area with repeated exercises so that it does not impact their sports career negatively.

Pulled muscles

Pulling a muscle isn’t limited to sports, but it is a frequent injury experienced by athletes. Muscle fibers tear during activity; this is often the result when an athlete doesn’t take proper precautions during their warm-up. Treating the immediate pain of a pulled muscle is easy enough- medicine and ice- but in order to ensure it heals correctly, physical therapy can be used to ensure the muscle fibers are stretched and strengthened.

Achilles tendonitis

Especially painful, tendonitis can hinder an athlete’s participation in their sport without proper treatment. There are several exercises that your physical therapist can recommend in order to eliminate the symptoms of tendonitis, and they are essential. Because the Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in your body, maintaining its health and functionality is essential.

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