Diseases, Disorders, and Physical Therapy

Whenever someone says they are attending physical therapy (PT), it is an assumption that they are recovering from an injury or surgery. But in today’s world, PT isn’t just for recovery. There are many different diseases and disorders that can be helped with some time spent with a Life Fitness Physical Therapist. Here are some of them!

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Commonly shortened to “MS,” multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease that affects younger adults. Nearly 2.5 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with this disease and there is no cure. MS is a loss of myelin, the material that covers and protects the nerves in the central nervous system. The loss of myelin means nerves cannot communication properly with the other nerves in the body. Although the symptoms of the disease vary person to person, it generally causes difficulty walking and moving body parts. This disease is not fatal but the complications can create lack of oxygen, injury in falls, and lack of mobility. PT can help a patient as soon as they are diagnosed with the disease. Our therapists will work on exercises using treadmills, rowing machines, and the stationary bike in order to help strengthen legs, walking and exercise endurance, balance, and even mood. Another therapy that helps with MS is aquatic therapy. Pool temperatures can help maintain a normal body temperature and the water can help patients with a lack of mobility be able to exercise again.

Muscular Dystrophy (MD)
Commonly referred to as “MD,” muscular dystrophies are a group of several disorders that cause muscle weakness and loss of muscle mass, which is called muscle wasting. This is a genetic disease that causes muscles to weaken and degenerate over time and can cause people to lose functional skills such as walking. Children who are affected by these disorders may never learn to walk. Although there are several forms which affect children, there are some that develop through the late teenage years and into adulthood. Many dystrophies cause tightness of joints, curvature of spine, respiratory and cardiac problems, and other symptoms. PT can help children the most with this disorder. Your PT will help your child stretch to increase joint flexibility and prevent the tightness of joints. They will also help with muscle strength, good posture and body mechanics as well as breathing exercises, motor skills, and physical fitness and activity.

Parkinson’s Disease (PD)
Parkinson’s disease is the second most common degenerative disorder after Alzheimer’s disease. This disease starts to show symptoms when the person is around 60 years old. It is accompanied by stiffness, tremors/shaking, slowness of movement, and balance problems. PD is a loss of nerve cells in the brain, which produce the movement controlling chemical dopamine. PT can help patients maintain an active and independent lifestyle through strength, balance, and coordination training.

There are many other diseases and disorders that may benefit from physical therapy. For more information, talk with your specialists about starting therapy at Life Fitness Physical Therapy.

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