How Physical Therapy prepares for healthy weight loss

Are you searching for ways to lose weight during the holidays? Physical Therapy can help you get through the challenging times of your body’s transformation. When we refer to the challenging times, we are not only acknowledging the physical fitness efforts. We are acknowledging how you will feel watching your body transform week after week. As you lose a great deal of weight, you will become more aware of your physical appearance and, at times, discouraged by how you look.

It is normal for you to become teary eyed that you do not look like the magazine covers as you lose weight. Although you are losing weight, you will see physical features you may not be too happy to notice such as stretch marks, sagging breasts, and other loose skin.

Physical therapists at Life Fitness Physical Therapy are here to help you feel great and look great little by little. Weight loss is all about the journey and controlling how you feel as you reach new goals every week. When you go through a major weight loss, you become more aware of what you don’t like about your body because our culture trains to want instant results. Before you embark on your weight loss journey, we are here to let you know you cannot tell yourself beauty is what’s in the magazine. Having a healthier more mobile body is true beauty. Having regular physical therapy sessions will train you to better discipline your body and help you see the beauty in your skin. You will face challenges when it comes to eating habits and body image issues but your physical therapists will mentor you through these trying times. We know you want to be fit and thin but it will take time. It’s not going to happen overnight no matter how bad you want it to happen overnight.

Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy Towson we are here to help you implement a therapeutic physical therapy program that will help you truly lose weight while improving your physical health. We work with clients both young and old. The specific physical therapy program we will enroll you in will all depend on your personalized needs, but we traditionally use a great deal of manual physical therapy methods to stretch and strengthen your body. We will teach you how to love core strengthening and improve your posture to relieve your body of chronic pains. You will actively participate in weight training/ balance training at our Life Fitness Physical Therapy centers. To put it simple, we are here to help you successfully reach your fitness goals and lose your weight for good.

Let us help you lose weight with our Physical Therapy Services . We are here to help you see real results.

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