Treating Dance Injuries with Physical Therapy

As effortless as it may appear, dancing is one of the most strenuous physical activities in which you can participate. A dancer’s body needs to be in top shape in order to get through practices and performances, and an injury can all-too-easily put a stop to this. Read on to discover more about some common dance injuries and how your White Marsh physical therapist can help treat them.

Leg and Foot Dance Injuries
Understandably, injuries to the leg, ankle, and foot are commonly experienced by dancers. However, one of the most common dance injuries of this kind is also an injury that just about anyone could suffer from: a lateral ankle sprain. A lateral ankle sprain occurs when the ligament supporting the outside of the ankle is torn; in dancing, this can occur after landing a jump incorrectly. Achilles tendonitis is another common dance injury that affects a dancer’s legs, and therefore their ability to perform. This type of tendonitis is caused by overexertion of the muscles and requires rest and rehabilitation before the muscles can be safely used in dance again.

Upper Body Dance Injuries
Because of the unique positions the body is molded into during dance, many of the muscle groups move in ways they would otherwise not typically have to. When this happens, certain injuries, such as neck strain, can result. Neck strain can be prevented with proper alignment of the spine while executing dance moves, and it can be treated with physical therapy.

Back Dance Injuries
For dancers who have to lift their partners and do not do so properly, back injuries are a common problem. These injuries are best prevented by good technique and a strong core, both of the back muscles and the abdominal ones. With physical therapy and strength training, a dancer can avoid complications from back injuries in the future.

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