What Common Injuries are Treated with Physical Therapy?

Contrary to what you may initially think, not all injuries are sustained due to strenuous, risky activity. In fact, you can injure yourself in a number of ways doing day-to-day things. Just because the circumstances of the injury are not exactly remarkable does not mean you can neglect treating it; a serious injury is a serious injury, no matter what. Fortunately, physical therapists are very familiar with these common injuries and, subsequently, they have the best strategies to help you heal. Read on to find out what some of the common injuries treated by physical therapy are.

Ankle Sprains
You can sprain your ankle doing nearly anything- playing sports, running to catch the bus, or even walking down the stairs! What an ankle sprain actually is is a tear in the ligament of your ankle; it needs to be properly rehabilitated in order to ensure you can still partake in all of your normal activities.

Knee Injuries
Your knee can be a vulnerable joint, particularly susceptible to injuries due to arthritis and other similar chronic issues. Having your physical therapist guide you through recovery can help to strengthen the joint, helping prevent injuries down the road.

Rotator Cuff Injury
Your rotator cuff, a component of your shoulder, can undergo injuries related to repeated motion, such as throwing. In order to carry on with your daily activities without pain, it is important to discuss physical therapy options to treat this condition.

Shin Splints
Shin splits are a painful condition that develops in, you guessed it, the shins. Runners, particularly those who have just taken up running and whose bodies are not yet accustomed to it, can easily develop shin splints. Your physical therapist can help you both treat your shin splints, as well as learn how to prevent them in the future.

If you are suffering from these or other common injuries, physical therapy may be the answer! Get in touch with Life Fitness today to find out more.

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