Balance and Fall Prevention Glen Burnie

Are you a senior citizen or know of one that fears that she or he may become a victim of home floor injuries?
Life Fitness Physical Therapy Glen Burnie is here to help you or your loved one overcome the fear of falling and severely injuring ones self.

Our Balance and Fall Prevention Glen Burnie sessions can help reduce the fear of falling by physically and mentally repairing you to recovery from a fall as well as prevent yourself from being injured from a fall. In no shape or form should a senior citizen feel like he or she must avoid certain physical activities to avoid falling or other physical injuries. You were born to live life to the fullest and having a cloud of fear hovering over you about falling is not a fulfilling life.

Nearly 15% of elders avoid physical activities because they fear falling and severely injuring themselves . The main reason behind why elders live with this fear is based on them not attending physical therapy programs that provide senior citizens invaluable information on how to prevent falls as well as quickly recover from falls. When senior citizens learn how to protect themselves from falls and strengthen their bodies to quickly recover from falls, they will have no reason to fear. By increasing physical fitness activities, senior citizens can make themselves more resistant to injuries related to falling.

At Life Fitness’ Balance and Fall Prevention Glen Burnie program we offer personalized physical therapy programs for geriatric patients. Fall prevention physical therapy is crucial to the well being of Senior Citizens. Here are common areas where Senior Citizens are likely to fall and experience physical injuries:

  • Bathtubs/Showers
  • Rooms with Hardwood floors
  • Stair Cases
  • Decks

Even in worse case scenarios, Life Fitness Physical Therapy Glen Burnie can help you effectively rehabilitate . It’s normal to feel terrified about experiencing another bad fall. Don’t let that stop you from living. Our balance and fall prevention Glen Burnie program will train you to:

  • Enter and exit the bathtub safely
  • Improve physical strength and balance
  • Lessons on what to do if one catches his or her self falling

Let the licensed physical therapists Glen Burnie help you feel stronger, safer and more physically capable to depend on yourself.

In America over 19 billion dollars is spent yearly treating senior citizens for fall injuries. This cost includes hospitalization , emergency room visits and outpatient care. Although the majority of falls do not result in Physical injury, the psychological impact can last for years or even a lifetime. You’re in good hands with Life Fitness Physical Therapy Glen Burnie

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