Is My Job High-Risk for an On-the-Job Injury?

Physical injuries can happen at virtually any time, even due to the most everyday, mundane activities. But some people are inherently at more risk than others for injuries simply because of the kind of job they perform. On-the-job injuries can cause severe, long-term consequences, and so if you are involved in a high-risk occupation, it is important to know both how to stay safe and how to find treatment in the event of an injury. Read on to find out more!

Construction Workers at Highest Risk for On-the-Job Injuries
Considering the nature of the work they perform, it comes as no surprise that construction workers are among those with the highest chance of sustaining an on-the-job injury. There are many different ways that a construction worker can be injured on a worksite, including:

  • Falls. Falling from a great height (whether off of ladders, scaffolding, or building ceilings) can lead to broken bones, severe bruising, and similar injuries.
  • Electric Shock. Electric fences and high-voltage equipment can lead to injury.
  • Protective Gear Missing. Sometimes corners are cut and workers do not have their proper protective gear on while operating dangerous machinery, and a wide range of injuries can occur as a result.

Regardless of the reason behind an on-the-job injury, many workers need to seek the right kind of treatment so that they can be healthy and active once more. Physical therapy and rehabilitation is often the best course of action for these types of injuries, as it can target the injured joint or muscles and help strengthen them so that a similar injury is never experienced again.

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury and need to determine how to treat it, schedule a consultation with a licensed physical therapist today!

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