Spinal Cord Injuries: How can Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Services Benefit me?

Spinal cord injuries. This type of injury can leave one paralyze for a lifetime depending on the level of severity, but there’s hope that one will have the opportunity to move his/her legs again with the introduce of the electrical stimulator. It made national news that electrical stimulators can help paralyzed people move again.

How can electrical stimulation assist paralyzed people in restoring their mobility? The stimulator is help paralyzed people retrain their nerves to operate with signals from the brain. That means a severe spinal cord injury doesn’t mean a person has to paralyzed for the rest of his or her life.

You can read about Rob Summers, the first man that had an electrical stimulator implanted in his legs and stand after becoming paralyzed from a spinal injury in the article “ The Wind on My Legs: Stimulator Helps Paralyzed Men Move Again.”

Physical Therapy can help those with spinal cord injuries to recover by teaching and supporting them through physical therapy exercises. For people suffering from extreme spinal cord injuries, it’s recommend that patients have at least 3 hours of physical therapy workouts a day to speedy up their recovery time.

Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy in Catonsville and our other physical therapy locations throughout Maryland, we understand how life changing spinal cord injuries can be for patients. We know our patients want to be free to come and go as they please without depending on others for their care.

Physical therapy exercises like abdominal workouts, can help restore muscle strength that paralysis often loses. Learn about our custom physical therapy services to identify how we can help you regain movement and control over your life again.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy offers Orthopedic Care and Vestibular Rehabilitation Services to assist patients with Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation. Our support goes beyond physical healing. We are here to also offer you emotional and psychological support. The manual techniques of our Catonsville physical therapists will help you improve your mobility, functionality as your body heals. Our Catonsville physical therapists will also help you learn how to manage your day to day physical activities.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy Catonsville and other Baltimore Physical Therapy locations are open for you to start and maintain a healthy fitness routine.

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