A Guide to Good Posture

One of the many benefits of physical therapy that most people are unaware of is the improvement of posture. We normally think of physical therapy as restoring functionally and improving muscle movements, but we don’t associate improved posture as a benefit of physical therapy. Good posture may not come easily to most people, but there are many benefits in learning how to stand and sit correctly!

Posture Benefits
Good posture not only benefits us psychologically, but it helps us physically as well. When someone has good posture, we generally think that they are confident, and we place a certain level of trust in that person just because of how they present themselves. Physically, poor posture can cause back pain and other aches, and it can strain muscles and ligaments. Everyday tasks will become more difficult over time with poor posture, so it’s important to learn a correct form to avoid injuries.

Signs of Poor Posture
For those with poor posture, you unfortunately are easy to spot. Overly arched backs, heads pushed forward in exaggerated positions and rounded shoulders are all telltale signs that you need to improve your posture. Even though it can take time and effort to train your body on proper posture, physical therapy can help get you on the right track.

Improving Posture
As we age, it’s important to exercise our muscles to maintain strength and keep our joints fluid and active. Focusing on strengthening your lower back and abdominals is a great way to strengthen some of the most important muscles in your body. A strong back and stomach will greatly improve your posture. Aside from actually working out your body, stretches play a critical roe in better posture. Even if stretching may seem simple, performing neck stretches will help to keep your neck from stiffening up, which is one of the issues people have when trying to practice proper posture.

Good Posture and Work
Most of us work at a desk, and it can be hard to practice proper posture all day. If you are lucky enough to have options, some people find that using an exercise ball as a chair helps to improve posture. There are a lot of factors that determine whether or not you can use an exercise ball as a seat, and there isn’t any evidence that suggests it works for better posture. If you do think it works, however, find out if your office will allow for alternative seats. It’s also beneficial to try and have chairs with favorable ergonomic designs.

If you would like help working on your posture or would like more information, the friendly staff of Life Fitness Physical Therapy can work with you on creating a custom program. The longer you wait to improve physical ailments, the more your body will suffer down the road. Call today at 410-368-1026, or find the location nearest you.

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