When Would I Need Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy?

Among the many services that the Life Fitness expert physical therapists provide is cardiopulmonary physical therapy. But what exactly does this type of physical therapy entail? Are you perhaps someone who could benefit from cardiopulmonary physical therapy?

With many kinds of physical therapy, the therapy targets a specific muscle group or joint in order to rehabilitate it after injury. In the case of cardiopulmonary physical therapy, the goal of the exercises is to improve the patient’s health as a whole, particularly their endurance. With increased endurance, patients diagnosed with a variety of issues can help treat some of their symptoms. Those diagnosed with breathing issues, such as asthma and emphysema, or chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, or sarcoidosis, among others, could benefit from the help of cardiopulmonary physical therapy.

Treatment and cardiopulmonary physical therapy exercises are targeted for each individual patient’s needs.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy is here to help you maintain an active lifestyle that’s truly healthy for your body. By developing your physical fitness, you will have an easier time keeping yourself fit and lean. The ultimate goal of our Life Fitness Physical Therapists is to help our patients reduce their pain, restore energy, prevent falls and improve physical function/ mobility.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy has many locations within the state of Maryland and our physical therapists provide physical therapy services for patients of all ages and health conditions.

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