Benefits of Strength Training at Physical Therapy Towson MD?

Have you heard that strength training is one of the best ways to lose weight fast? It’s true. Body builders use strength training to bulk up fast, while slimming down. Check out the benefits of strength training at Physical Therapy Towson MD.

So why is strength training becoming more recommended? It’s simple. Strength training allows people to have a full body workout. Many strength training exercises are high intensity workouts. By enrolling yourself into a physical therapy strength training program, you can add definition to your muscles.

If you are a beginner when it comes to regular exercise, it is recommended that you consult with a professional physical therapists to make sure you’re not only properly doing your strength training exercises but you are also safely addressing your weight loss goals. Combine strength training workouts with a healthy diet and you will lose weight while remaining in shape.

At Life Fitness Physical Therapy Towson MD, you can learn how to effectively use free weights and weight machines to build up your endurance and muscle mass. We will train you on how to use not just free weights, but also kettlebells, resistance bands, barbells, and dumbbells. Think of us as your physical fitness support team, we want to help you perform intense workouts without overwhelming yourself by gradually introducing you to different types of strength training. The all or nothing approach is the least effective way to go about healthy strength training. We will also teach you other fitness routine that can help you keep in shape such as running and cycling cardiovascular activities.

Cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to burn calories while improving your heart healthy and lung capacity.

The difference between cardiovascular exercise and strength training is that strength training calorie burning can improve you physique up to 72 hours after you have completed your physical therapy workouts.

The goal of physical therapy strength training is to make your body lean, toned, strong, and most importantly, amazingly efficient. When you develop your strength training, you can guarantee you’ll improve your quality of life. If you lack muscle strength, you can put yourself at risk of severe physical injuries because you don’t have adequate strength in your muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments.

In fact, strength training is especially important for elder adults because regular strength training can protect older adults from arthritis and heart disease. Not to mention, strength training can help one maintain good mental and emotional health.

Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy Towson MD, we will help you combat osteoporosis, obesity, back pains and arthritis. When you have more muscle mass, you can speed up your metabolic rate.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy offers Orthopedic Care and custom physical therapy services to get patients into good physical shape and learn how to maintain that fitness. We are here to also offer you emotional and psychological support. The manual techniques of our Catonsville physical therapists will help you improve your mobility, functionality as your body heals. Our Catonsville physical therapists will also help you learn how to manage your day to day physical activities. For example, we will teach you how to prevent falls and protect your body from swollen injuries.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy in Baltimore and other Maryland Physical Therapy locations are open for you to start and maintain a healthy fitness routine today. We want you to feel good about yourself.

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