Got Low Back Pain? Get Physical Therapy!

Not all injuries are the result of intense physical activity. Some of our aches and pains can be caused by just the opposite- a lack of activity and movement. Lower back pain can be the result of just such a sedentary lifestyle; office workers and those who primarily remain seated at their jobs all day can often develop lower back pain. But you can’t simply change your career, so what can you do to combat lower back pain? Physical therapy may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Low Back Pain: The Signs and Symptoms
The type of lower back pain you experience can vary greatly. People complain of sharp, sudden pains that last only for a few seconds, of a slight burning sensation, or even of constant, dull pain that lasts for months at a time. While some types of lower back pain have been linked to injuries and disorders, what many people experience is what has been dubbed “sitting disease,” the pain associated with a sedentary lifestyle. No matter how this kind of pain manifests itself, it can be treated with the proper physical therapy methods.

Getting Treatment for Low Back Pain
Your physical therapist can help you develop the right kind of routine for you to combat your lower back pain. But one thing that you can easily do on your own is this: introduce more movement into your lifestyle! Rather than ordering items online to have them delivered, go out and run the errands yourself. Rather than stay seated at work for your full 8-hour day, get up and talk a brisk walk in the afternoon to get the blood pumping- you might even find that it helps improve your concentration as well!

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Exercise May Reduce Risk of Low Back Pain