Physical Therapy Improves Ergonomics Westminster

Do you find yourself in pain as you move, sit or work? You can find relief with physical therapy.  Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy we offer physical therapy that focuses on improving ergonomics Westminster.

With a proper evaluation of your work conditions, we can teach you how to move and work comfortably and safely as you perform your work. Our goal is to help you develop a work pattern that truly helps you take care of yourself during your long workdays. It only takes simple, quick physical therapy exercises to prevent postural injuries, strain injuries and overall work injuries.

When you do not address ergonomic issues with physical therapy, you can suffer from:

  • Chronic injuries
  • Back pains
  • Severe headaches
  • Neck pains and other physical problems.

By identifying the risks that come with your work environment, you can resolve musculoskeletal disorders/ musculoskeletal injury and prevent future work related injuries. Our Life Fitness Physical Therapy Ergonomics Westminster Location offers custom injury prevention/ avoidance physical therapy programs to help you keep working and restore your physical abilities after you have experienced work injuries.

Ergonomics Westminster physical therapy can help you increase your work productivity while strengthening and conditioning your body. Many patients come to our physical therapy facilities to receive treatment for sport injuries, carpal tunnel and post-surgical rehabilitation needs.

The following services we offer will help with your health and physical fitness needs:

Workers’ Compensation/ Rehabilitation is our rehabilitation program for injured workers. We tailor this program each patient’s individual job tasks. Our rehabilitation program includes functional capacity evaluations (FCE’s) as well as work hardening and conditioning programs. Our Life Fitness Physical Therapists have expertise in Workers’ Compensation and Disability to ensure quality care during rehabilitation.

Sports Medicine is a physical therapy program we offer that will help you recover from sports related injuries via our careful diagnosis, treatment, healing and physical therapy management. Our sports medicine physical therapy will not only help you prevent future injuries but it will also help you improve your overall physical performance. We will identify your original injury, best rehabilitation for your injury, and more importantly prevent the recurrence of your specific injuries. Our sports medicine services also include athletic training outreach, throwing injuries, sports performance enhancement, personal training, endurance training and knee/shoulder/foot/ ankle rehab.

Learn about our other orthopedic care/ergonomics Westminster therapy today.

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