How Important is my Home Exercise Program?

When you enlist the help of a physical therapist they can help you get a handle on your chronic pain, loss of mobility, or other problem. While visiting a physical therapist is certainly the first major step towards a full recovery that alone will not cure you. You will likely receive a series of exercises to perform at home in order to help you work towards progress on your own time. Without your physical therapist sitting over your shoulder encouraging you, it can be difficult to maintain your home exercise program.

Why do I need a home exercise program?
Most physical therapy patients can only make it in for treatment a couple of times each week. Sessions are relatively short, amounting to a few hours of work per week. This small amount of correction is not enough to fix problems that were years in the making. On top of that, you may find that any progress made in your weekly sessions is lost over the course of several days without exercising. A home exercise plan helps maintain the work that you do at your physical therapy sessions, while also making you stronger and working towards a solution. Skipping these home exercises will set back your recovery.

What sorts of exercises are included?
Your physical therapist will design a home exercise program that is tailored to your specific needs. Your initial plan will be based on the findings of your first visit, and will likely change and develop over the course of your treatment. Depending on your condition, your physical therapist may have you working on stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, posture corrective exercises, or even something as simple as using ice packs.

Why do people skip home exercises?
When you are dealing with constant pain or a life altering mobility injury, it makes sense to feel a little down. Home exercises can stir up emotions like frustration as you work on your road to recovery. For some people this sort of depression can impede home exercises. If you find yourself dealing with issues like this, your physical therapist needs to know. They can help you find ways to work through it.

Pain can sometimes make you want to curl up and avoid movement. It can be an effective excuse when you want to avoid your home exercise improvement. Just remind yourself that each time you follow through with your program, you work towards progress. If you are seriously lacking motivation, your physical therapist can help you find strategies. You could even have a friend or roommate hold you accountable.

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