As You Age, Balance Training Becomes More Important

ounger bones and muscles tend to bounce back relatively quickly from most common injuries. While a severe fracture or pull might have long-term effects, the majority of everyday injuries only require rest and rehabilitation to make a full recovery. But while this may be the general rule for young people, as we get older, our recovery time grows longer and longer, and the kinds of injuries we sustain can have more permanent consequences. So is there a way that you can protect yourself from injuries as you age? Read on to find out!

Balance Training and Fall Prevention with Physical Therapy

One of the best ways to reduce your changes of injuring yourself as you age is by participating in balance training physical therapy. With the right types of exercises that your physical therapist will walk you through, you can develop strong muscles and sharp reflexes that will keep you from falling and becoming injured.

With balance training, not only will your core muscles be strengthened, but your reaction time can be improved. This is an especially important factor when it comes to fall prevention; if your reaction time is quick, you can grab on to a stable surface and right yourself before falling, thus reducing your risk of injury. Your bones will benefit as well from regular exercise and become more resistant to breaks and fractures.

Many seniors feel it is too risky for them to live alone because they might fall and suffer and injury without anyone knowing. However, with balance training, you can regain much of your independence and feel confident living on your own, safe in the knowledge that you have worked hard to prevent falls and injuries. Talk to your physical therapist today about your balance training options!

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