Comprehensive Orthopedic Care in Columbia Maryland

Lilfe Fitness Physical Therapy Columbia

Are you in search of a physical therapy center that provides comprehensive orthopedic care? Life Fitness Physical Therapy in Columbia is the physical therapy center for you. We provide comprehensive orthopedic care for adults and children.

Have you had surgery on your knee, hip or shoulder?
Did you experience a sport injury?
Do you suffer chronic pain?

At Life Fitness Physical Therapy in Columbia, we can diagnose, treat,heal and manage any musculoskeletal disorders. You can rest assure that you will be treated by highly skilled physical therapists no matter your physical therapy needs. Our manual techniques, exercises and state-of-the-art accessory equipment will restore your body to full function.

Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy we specialize in orthopedic care for neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and knee pain. We can even treat Plantar Fasciitis and Carpal Tunnel with fully customized treatment plans. We don’t make excuses. Our physical therapists in Columbia,MD find a way to meet the specific needs and goals of patients.

Here at Life Fitness we understand and explain to our patients that the body functions the best when all the body parts work together. Life Fitness orthopedic care is known for unsurpassed rehabilitative care. Learn more about our physical therapy services today. Contact us by calling 410.368.1026 or click here today.