Staying Fit with Physical Therapy

When you get an injury, you may be used to following the rules of “RICE”, also know as rest, ice, compression, and elevation. However, more studies have been conducted, proving that keeping active while treating your injury is actually more effective. While you are resting your injury, you’re also resting the rest of your body. It may take a couple weeks to heal, depending on the injury, and that’s a couple weeks without movement or exercise. After that much rest, it can be difficult to get back into your normal routine. Instead of falling out of shape due to an injury, keep moving and stay fit with physical therapy.

Physical therapy allows for repair of the damage through low-impact exercises and movement. Not only will it help repair your injury, but physical therapy will also help to build muscle strength, improve flexibility, function, and range of motion. You’ll be able to stay active while relieving pain and your body will thank you for it in the long run.

If you’ve followed “RICE” in the past, maybe this time you should take a visit to your doctor, who may recommend a local physical therapist. Getting and staying active now can actually save you from more pain, stress, and money later on. In addition to doing stretches and exercises at physical therapy, you will also be given exercises that you can do at home on your own. Physical therapy may also involve heat, ice, and massage.

While staying fit with an injury is important, you should not attempt to do so on your own. Without proper knowledge of sports medicine and therapy, you could actually harm yourself instead of help yourself. A professional physical therapist can give you tips and tricks to staying fit with an injury, and can assist you along the path to recovery.

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