Can Physical Therapy Help with Weight Loss?

It’s almost bathing suit season, and that means that many people are working tirelessly to push their body towards physical fitness. As a field, physical therapy is aimed at helping people regain control of their body and aiding in the treatment of medical issues. While this is certainly the primary goal of the physical therapy industry, your local physical therapist can help you with your weight loss goals as well.

How can my physical therapist help?
Weight loss shouldn’t just be about looks, it should be about improving your health. With that said you should focus your efforts on eating healthier and exercising more and better. Your physical therapist is an expert on the way bodies move and operate. This means that they are uniquely positioned to help you figure out the best exercises for your body.

When you perform exercises incorrectly, or you engage in exercise that isn’t well suited to your limitations, you can do more harm than good. This can lead to injuries or unnecessary pain, and that can kill your motivation and halt your weight loss strategy. A physical therapist will evaluate the specifics of your body, determine problem areas, and help design an exercise strategy that works for you. They will even teach you the proper form for these exercises to ensure that you get the maximum benefit with the minimum strain and pain.

How can I exercise if I’m recovering from an injury?
If you have an injury that has prevented you from keeping up with your exercise routine, it can be extremely disheartening. This can make it hard to get back in the game once you’re healthy. Physical therapists are the perfect solution to your problem. Because of their extensive knowledge of injuries and sports medicine, physical therapists can help you work around your injury. A sprain or broken bone shouldn’t keep you from all forms of exercise. Your physical therapist can help you find appropriate exercises that work around your injury and help you to stay fit and healthy as you recover.

Even more importantly, a physical therapist can help you recover from your injury faster. Surgery, ice, or rest can put you on the right track towards recovery, but without physical therapy, you can stunt your progress and prolong your inactivity. A licensed physical therapist will be able to work on restoring your strength so that you can continue on your weight loss journey.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy
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