Can Physical Therapy in Towson help ease my Back Pain?

Are you having back problems? You may be able to resolve your back pain without undergoing surgery. How can you do it? You can go to physical therapy to relieve your back pains with orthopedic care services, sports medicine, and other physical therapy services right here in Towson MD.

People that suffer from back problems and consider spine surgery will be relieved that only 10% of people with back problems or neck problems are recommended to have surgery on their spines.

For acute to moderately severe back pains or neck pains, surgery is not required. The most common reasons patients undergo surgery when surgery is the only option for relief. For those that have acute back and neck pains or non-operative spine issues, physical therapy is the best option. Sports medicine can help you with back pain/ neck pain intervention.

As you are well aware, it only takes one bad injury to feel the painful affects of back and neck injuries. Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy in Towson, we are here to offer you back pain relief/ neck pain relief.

Our rehabilitation services and overall high quality physical therapy services can help relieve strain off of your entire musculoskeletal system. Yes, we will reduce stress off of your bones, joints, muscles and spine so your knees, hips, shoulders, ankles and feet won’t be immobile or painful.

With our sports medicine care, you can prevent back pain and neck pain so you can keep your body in top shape. We want you to enjoy your life to the fullest by keeping your body in top shape. Go ride your bike. Take a dip in the pool. Play double tennis. Know we are here to make sure you can stay physically active without being in excruciating pain. Learn about our Towson MD and Towson East to reap the benefits of high quality orthopedic care and sports medicine. Schedule an appointment today to begin your neck and back relief today.

Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy we like to make your patients feel welcomed every visit as we offer high quality physical therapy services. We are 100% dedicated to helping you improve the quality and function of your body – from sports medicine to orthopedic care, we have you covered. Learn about all our great physical therapy services and Life Fitness locations so you can achieve your goals and live an active lifestyle.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy offers Orthopedic Care and custom physical therapy services to get patients into good physical shape and learn how to maintain that fitness. We are here to also offer you emotional and psychological support. The manual techniques of our Catonsville physical therapists will help you improve your mobility, functionality as your body heals. Our Catonsville physical therapists will also help you learn how to manage your day to day physical activities. For example, we will teach you how to prevent falls and protect your body from swollen injuries.

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