Types of workouts that help Lower Blood Pressure?

Do you find it difficult to keep your blood pressure under control? High blood pressure is a silent killer, but there are ways to lower blood pressure to a good level and maintain it.

The American Heart Association defines high blood pressure as 140- 170 Hg systolic over a 90-109 diastolic. If you want to start a regular exercise routine to keep your blood pressure under control, you will want to get actively involved in aerobic exercise.

Weight-lifting routines can temporary increase your blood pressure levels. Instead, combine moderate weightlifting with regular aerobic exercise to keep a good blood pressure.

Physical Therapists White Marsh can not only consult you on the best exercise for your lifestyle and physical health, but the physical therapists can keep you motivated and give you the support you need to not go astray once you start your regular exercise program.

Physical Therapists White Marsh will teach you how to properly use gym equipment to get the most of your workouts while preventing injuries. Thee professional physical therapists can also teach you how to properly breathe to prevent yourself from spiking your blood pressure. The goal is to exercise in a way that promotes a healthy heart. You should try to workout out 30-60 minutes for 3 to 5 days a week. Cardiovascular exercise can do wonders for someone that regular has high blood pressure.

Here are some of the best aerobic exercises you can learn by enrolling yourself in a White Marsh Physical Therapy program:

  • Jogging
  • Cycling
  • Aerobic Dance
  • Cardiovascular Exercise

If you are participating in cardiac rehabilitation programs at physical therapy, you should always consult with your physical therapists prior to starting your individualized physical therapy.

A normal blood pressure for a heart is 120/80 and under. A high blood pressure is 140/90 or above, you are at a high risk for heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and other organ damage. High blood pressure is a death sentence.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy White Marsh is here to help you build up your physical endurance and improve your mobility.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy is here to help you maintain an active lifestyle that’s truly healthy for your body. By developing your physical fitness, you will have an easier time keeping yourself fit and lean. The ultimate goal of our Life Fitness Physical Therapists is to help our patients reduce their pain, restore energy, prevent falls and improve physical function/ mobility.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy has many locations in the Baltimore area and our physical therapists provide physical therapy services for patients of all ages and health conditions.

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