How can Physical Therapy treat Secondary Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis / Secondary Osteoporosis does not have to change your life. You can enroll yourself in physical therapy to help you reduce the risk of fracturing your bones. This is known as Osteoporosis Rehabilitation. At the beginning of your osteoporosis rehabilitation, you may feel very fragile and helpless, but you will feel stronger as you go through your osteoporosis rehabilitation and overall physical therapy workouts.

What is secondary osteoporosis?

Secondary osteoporosis is caused by a pre-existing medical condition or use of specific medications. This varies from primary osteoporosis because primary osteoporosis is related to aging or postmenopausal conditions. It is affecting younger patients than ever before. The loss of bone strength is nothing to take lightly.

What are the most common bone fractures for osteoporosis?

When people suffer from osteoporosis, the most common areas they fracture bones are the vertebrae, ribs, hips and wrists. You can strengthen your bones by sticking to a calcium and vitamin D rich diet. Do not excessively drink alcohol or smoke. The major of people that suffer from osteoporosis are female (80% of osteoporosis patients are women) because of the loss of estrogen.

How can Physical Therapy treat my Osteoporosis?

Physical Therapy can help you live a normal life by improving your mobility while reducing your chronic pain. Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy we will help you treat your osteoporosis in the following ways:

  • We will teach you how to prevent falls as well as recover from falls.
  • We will teach you how to keep a good posture to prevent spinal deformity.
  • Teach you physical therapy exercises that can help you maintain good health while keeping you out of harms way.

To put it simple, our osteoporosis rehabilitation program will help you strengthen your bones through appropriate exercises. We want you to enjoy your life instead of being afraid to live.

Let us help you get back in control of your life. You should definitely enroll yourself in Life Fitness Physical Therapy if your Secondary osteoporosis is related to celiac disease, cancer, bariatric surgery or reflux medicines.

Remember, your bones are living tissue and you need to regularly workout to help your bone mass rebuild over time.

Osteoporosis does not have to cripple your life.

Let our certified physical therapists at Life Fitness Physical Therapy keep you safe, secure and independent with our osteoporosis rehabilitation program for primary osteoporosis and secondary osteoporosis.

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