Rough Day at the Office? Fix It with Physical Therapy!

As far as your physical health goes, a 9 to 5 job spent sitting at a desk all day is not exactly ideal. Sitting does not promote good circulation, range of motion, or flexibility, and all of these things are essential components to your well-being! Office workers may even find that they suffer from chronic soreness, stiffness, or joint pain due to their largely sedentary lifestyle. So how can you work to combat the negative effects of sitting all day? One solution is to seek the advice of a physical therapist!

Physical Therapy Works Where Other Treatments Fail
If you are coming home from the office with an aching back or stiff neck, your first instinct might be to grab an aspirin or some other type of painkiller. You also might opt for a heating pad or ice pack, thinking that that will help soothe away your pain. But these kinds of treatments are only temporary fixes for a much larger problem. Painkillers wear off after a few hours, and heating pads can numb pain away for a while, but not solve it at its source. Physical therapy is different. Unlike those temporary fixes, physical therapy provides a specific diagnosis of your problem, along with specific treatments and exercises meant to address it. Your physical therapist can also do more than simply treat your pain. He or she can work with you to develop a plan that will prevent pain altogether! When you strengthen your muscles and joints with the help of physical therapy, you can avoid the kinds of problems that your sedentary office life causes more easily, making for an overall healthier you.

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