Can My Carpal Tunnel be Treated with Physical Therapy?

If you have a job that demands using a computer and typing most of the day and have recently found yourself experiencing pain or numbness in your hand, wrist, or arm, you might have CTS, or carpal tunnel syndrome. CTS can also be developed if you work in an assembly line, or can be caused by injuries to the wrist, hormone or metabolic changes, fluid retention, diabetes, or arthritis.

carpaltunnel If you have found yourself diagnosed with carpal tunnel, you’re not alone. About 1 in 20 Americans deal with the syndrome caused by pressure put on the median nerve in the palm. Though surgery is a popular option for resolving this issue, try first looking into physical therapy. A physical therapist can give you tips for relieving the pain and numbness you are experiencing so that you can avoid surgery.

During your doctor visit, you should be prepared to discuss your symptoms. Your physical therapist will want to know exactly what symptoms you have and what your daily routine usually consists of so that he or she can determine the best option for treatment. Your doctor will also provide you with tips for relieving pain. The physical therapist will give you advice for proper posture, wrist positions, and taking stretch breaks throughout the day. These could also include small exercises to help increase strength in your hand, arm, wrist, and even back. The use of heat or ice treatments may also be suggested.

In some cases, the physical therapist may provide you with a night splint to wear while you sleep, or a brace to wear when playing sports, typing, or whatever causes the discomfort. They may also require a worksite visit, so that they can see your current work environment. They will give you tips for reliving pain during work by adjusting your posture and hand or wrist positions.

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, you’ll definitely want to first consider physical therapy as opposed to surgery. If surgery is necessary, physical therapy will still be needed after the procedure. Visit a physical therapist today to discuss CTS treatment at Life Fitness Physical Therapy.

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