Where Can I Recover After a Workplace Injury?

Whether it is due to the negligence of an employer or just plain bad luck, a workplace injury can affect almost anyone. When it does, it is important to seek the treatment you need in order to get yourself back in working condition so that you are not off the job for too long. Workers’ Compensation benefits are designed to protect workers from lost wages, as well as to provide them with the rehabilitation from an injury that they need. At Life Fitness Physical Therapy, our professionals can customize a routine that will help you recover from your workplace injury as quickly as possible.

Life Fitness partnered up with Fit2Wrk four years ago to ensure that the care they provide to Workers’ Compensation recipients is the best available. Fit2Wrk’s goal is, according to their website, “national consistency and standardization of services directed at mitigating risk and exposure, specifically towards lost time, expedited return to work and prevention.” The caring physical therapists at Life Fitness work with you and evaluate your injury to determine how to take this one step further, customizing the standard practices to best suit your individual needs. In the event of a workplace injury, you can trust in us to help you on your way to recovery. The sooner you seek treatment, the sooner you can get back to your regular schedule and life.

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