Can Physical Therapy Correct Posture?

Posture cannot just be corrected with the snap of your fingers; it takes hard word and dedication. In the long run having good posture can help more than just your health. It could also be the difference between getting a promotion or having life-long back pain. With good posture your body will tire and ache less easily and is also less likely to have any injuries. Aligning your frame is the key to improved spinal health and a happier life.

Correcting posture is difficult and it can often call for the help of a friend or a professional. Physical therapy can aid in the process of correcting posture by strengthening muscles that cause poor posture and also by increasing flexibility to reduce the strain on your spine. Orthopedic care is absolutely necessary because although pain may be minor or even non-existent now, odds are bad posture and poor spinal health will come back to bite you later. So why is correct posture so important? And how can physical therapy and orthopedic care improve you and your spine’s health?

Why is good posture so important?
An aligned posture not only helps your physical, it can also improve your emotional and mental well-being. Having uneven pressure on spine is the root of many back and other muscle problems, which can lead to an overall decrease in your standard of living. With slouching comes sore muscles, in particular the neck and back. Having good posture can lead to increased airflow, which can give you more energy to do what you want to do in life.

Posture can say a lot about a person especially to a stranger even if that is not how you’re feeling. Someone slouching at work might signify to their boss that they’re bored, discouraged, or that they don’t care about the work they’re doing. Correct posture can help you feel more healthy and relaxed, which will show to the people around you.

How can physical therapy help?
A physical therapist can first and foremost identify that there’s a problem with your posture. Typically with poor posture, back pain or other body aches typically come along for the ride, which is the primary thing a physical therapist can help with. With extensive orthopedic care through physical therapy, you can strengthen those muscles that have been weakened by a poor posture and give your body a new chance to have correct posture.

Spine health is so important for long-term health and overall well-being and a physical therapist can help you correct your posture and improve your spinal health.

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