Can Physical Therapy Work for Arthritis Treatment?

When you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, you are left with stiff joints that can be extremely painful to move. As a result, even the most routine everyday activities can be an enormous challenge and can cause high levels of discomfort and fatigue. While medication can help mitigate some of this pain, another way to treat your arthritis is through physical therapy. Read on to find out some of the strategies physical therapists use to help with your arthritis pain!

Reducing Strain = Reducing Pain from Arthritis
Straining a muscle or joint when you are in perfect health can pose enough of a problem; to do it when you suffer from arthritis makes it that much more difficult to deal with. When you undergo physical therapy to treat arthritis, your physical therapist can work to ensure that you know how to avoid strain while still properly exercising the joint and encouraging it to retain its full range of motion. They will also teach you different techniques that make home life easier; for example, rearranging certain appliances and organizing your most frequently used items can reduce the amount of energy you need in order to access them, cutting back on arthritis-related fatigue.

Treat Your Pain on the Spot
Another benefit of physical therapy for your arthritis is that your therapist can teach you methods to relieve pain on your own when you have a sudden flare-up. By knowing how to deal with pain when it happens, you can decrease your reliance on medication and not have to suffer from constant discomfort while trying to go about your everyday activities.

If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and believe that physical therapy could provide the relief you need, get in touch with us today for more information!

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