What to Expect From Physical Therapy

Most people think physical therapy (PT) is a short visit to a magical doctor and your pain will instantly go away. Unfortunately that is not the case. PT isn’t just about what happens in the office but about the people behind the scenes and taking care of things yourself when you are at home. Keeping up with your exercises are extremely important and can make your time in the office more efficient.

The First Appointment
This is commonly referred to as an Eval. or Initial Evaluation. This is one of the most important appointments in this process so showing up 10 to 15 minutes early is important. During the first 10 minutes, you will be doing the customary paper work: insurance forms, personal contacts, emergency contacts, and The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) forms. If there is a co-pay for your insurance, don’t forget to bring it in with you. After all the administrative stuff is taken care of, you’ll be called back to see the therapist. This first meeting will take about an hour and a half as we assess your injury, goals, specific needs, and we’ll discuss the treatment plan with you.

Regular Appointments
After being seen for an Eval., continue to do the exercises the therapist gives you. It is an important step in recovery. Each week, you’ll work with a member of the Life Fitness PT staff to build up strength, progressing to new levels, treatments, and exercises. The frequency of your visits depends on the severity of your injury as well as the injury itself, for example an ACL injury will be in treatment longer than a sprained wrist. It is important not to skip any sessions as it will slow down your healing process.

Many patients ask what to wear during physical therapy. We recommend being comfortable in loosing fitting clothing and some sneakers. The therapists are there to help you. If you have encountered any problems or questions during the time from your last appointment, do not be afraid to ask. It is your time with the therapist to get all of the information you need.

Contact Life Fitness to Learn More About Physical Therapy
If you’d like to schedule an appointment to help with your aches and paints, call Life Fitness Physical Therapy today at 410-368-1026, or find the location nearest you. If you’d like more information about what to expect on your first visit with us, please check out our FAQ page.