The Dangers of Sitting at Work: How can I protect my physical health?

Did you know sitting in your office chair for hours and hours in can be as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes every day? If that makes you jump out of your seat, stay there. Standing and taking walks around the office can help you maintain good health.

It’s never good for your health to live a predominately sedentary lifestyle. If you’re sitting at your office desk for the majority of the workday and going straight home to sit on the couch, you are slowly but surely killing yourself.

What are the health risks of prolonged sitting?

You could increase your likelihood of experiencing heart disease, obesity, diabetes or cancer. You could also face major cardiovascular health problems from prolonged sitting.

Sedentary living is a silent killer, if you have very little physical activity and too much sitting time.

How can you protect your health?

You can enroll yourself in a physical fitness program to make sure your body gets plenty of exercise. The more exercise you do during the workweek, the better you’ll compensate for your prolonged work sitting.

You don’t even have to go to physical therapy everyday to ensure you get enough exercise. Life Physical Fitness certified physical therapists could design a physical therapy program for you so you get just the right amount of exercise for your lifestyle needs. We will even teach you how to workout even when you’re at the office instead of physical therapy.

Even 10-minute workouts throughout the week can make all the difference, such as treadmill walking or running. You need to get your muscles moving and your blood circulating to prevent inflammation.

Bottom line: We are here to help you get fit and stay fit with our high quality personal training and physical therapy services.

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Sitting At Work For Hours Can Be As Unhealthy As Smoking