Weight Loss Through a Physical Therapy Routine

The power of a well-planned and well-defined physical therapy routine can have a large number of effects beyond simply healing a major injury. Proper physical therapy can lead to a body that is stronger overall, better mental health, and even noticeable and healthy weight loss. The process is no longer reserved for those with severe injuries: doctors may now prescribe physical therapy for people with damage to areas such as the knees or hips due to simple exercise mishaps.

Why Choose Physical Therapy?
Research now indicates that surgery for certain sources of pain is no longer the best option. Physical therapy can provide the same or better treatment without the extra downtime after having one’s body cut open and forcibly realigned. By implementing a series of exercises, stretches, and goals, a physical therapy routine can do the work of a surgeon while increasing muscle strength instead of causing possible muscle loss or damage through mistakes or downtime. The only downside is that the treatment takes longer. On the other hand, the patient may not have to wait for insurance to clear the procedures before at least starting treatment and developing a home routine.

How Physical Therapy Works
A physical therapy clinic is often located in a gym, hospital, or office setting and usually has equipment for light exercise. The most “hardcore” machine one would find in most offices is a treadmill, which is accompanied by such alternate options as light weight sets, rollers, and large exercise balls. Participants benefit best from wearing comfortable clothes that do not interfere with exercise due to tightness or length. Sneakers are the best footwear. On the first visit, the therapist will put the patient through light exercise to test joints and muscles for issues that may be hiding or developing. The patient and therapist will then work together to develop a routine to rebuild the afflicted area and surrounding muscles to their original strength, as well as plan to prevent future injuries. Following visits focus on stretches and strengthening, heat and cold treatments, massages, and painless electrical therapy. Each visit takes about an hour, several times a week. Home exercises are necessary to keep retraining and rebuilding the injured areas.

How it Helps Weight Loss
The benefits here are twofold. First, at its core, physical therapy is exercise. A physical therapy routine works like a dedicated exercise program, but with external motivation to help keep the patient on track with exercising in order to maximize the benefits. Second, the treatments may target damage caused by excess weight, reducing damage it has already caused and working to re-strengthen the muscles underneath. These work together to make each person healthier and fitter in a gentler fashion and results in weight loss.

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