Conquer Pregnancy Back Pains with Physical Therapy

Everyone has heard the horror stories of how painful it is to be pregnant and this is excluding the actual delivery of the baby. During the nine months of pregnancy, a woman will gain an average of 20 to 35 pounds in order to accommodate the baby. But this extra weight can lead to physical pains such as back pain. According to, there is an average of 50 to 70 percent of women who suffer from back pain while pregnant. But there is something that can help women deal with their aches and pains: physical therapy.

Pain Relieving Techniques
There are many reasons why women suffer from pregnancy back pains. There is an increase of hormones, additional weight, posture, change in the center of gravity, and even stress. These issues can mostly be dealt with by talking to your doctor about a Physical Therapy (PT) regimen. The physical therapists at Life Fitness Physical Therapy offer many different types of services such as Orthopedic Care, which is used to treat soft tissue, nerves, increasing range of motion, and improving overall function of the area. By working with a licensed physical therapist, the patient walks out of the office feeling better than when they walked in. Treatment plans approach the typical triggers such as posture, alignment, flexibility, and muscle strength. These exercises can increase physical endurance and muscle strength which helps in labor and recovery after the delivery.

Why Physical Therapy Might Be Right for You?
Though physical therapy is a common occurrence after surgery, physical therapists are often skilled in pain relief of many sorts and can help identify the cause of pains as well as treat them. The goal of physical therapists is to educate their clients so they may continue their regime at home. Speak with your primary care doctor about trying PT, as it may not be for everyone. As an added bonus, PT is considered a medical treatment and is covered by most insurance plans with minimal out-of-pocket cost to the client.

Choosing the Right Pregnancy Back Pains Program for You
When choosing the right program for you, make sure you are committed to the regime set out for you. Maintaining appointments and continuing exercises while at home is crucial to the overall benefits of PT. While visiting one of Life Fitness Physical Therapy’s locations, you may want to ask for information and additional exercises that can be performed at home.

Contact Us to Learn More About Physical Therapy and Pregnancy
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