The Benefits of Injury Screening and Evaluations

Do you suspect you have injured yourself? It’s time to have an injury screening and evaluations performed by a professional physical therapists in Towson. By enrolling yourself in a high quality injury screening and prevention program, you can learn about proper functionality for your body to see not only if you have an injury but also identify the severity of your injury. You will also undergo ergonomic evaluations to clear up any health concerns related to your injury.

It is important to have a physical therapist in Towson perform your injury screening and evaluations because you want accuracy when dealing with an injury. You also want to interact with a professional therapist because high quality injury prevention services can keep you safe.

All physical therapy sessions are custom designed to meet the individual needs of patients. Our professional physical therapists is trained to detect not only injuries but also the potential injury risks. We will give you a full body assessment during the injury screening.

Read up on our Injury Screening and Evaluations to see how we can heal your injuries and prevent future injuries. When you are ready to schedule your injury screening, you can have it right here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy. We offer many convenient locations to meet your physical therapy needs.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy is here to help you maintain an active lifestyle that’s truly healthy for your body. By developing your physical fitness, you will have an easier time keeping yourself fit and lean. The ultimate goal of our Life Fitness Physical Therapists is to help our patients reduce their pain, restore energy, prevent falls and improve physical function/ mobility.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy has many locations within the state of Maryland and our physical therapists provide physical therapy services for patients of all ages and health conditions.

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