Physical Therapy through your Senior Years

When your body is young, it’s easy to take your strength and fitness for granted. It’s tough to look into the future and see how your days of youthful activity can lead to future aches and pains. As you age your body loses its ability to bounce back quickly from injuries. Daily tasks can take a bit longer and can cause lasting pain. When movement and exercise get more difficult, finding motivation to stretch and stay active can be tough. Unfortunately, neglecting your fitness can shave years off of your life. Physical therapy is a manageable way to keep active and has numerous benefits for problems that many seniors face.

Be proactive
One of the leading causes of senior injuries is a hard fall. Why you’re young and spry, your strong bones and flexible muscles are better prepared to recover quickly. When you have a few more years under your belt, a simple fall can be devastating and completely destroy your mobility. The best thing you can do is to retrain your muscles before anything goes awry. This can be intimidating, but physical therapists have a complex understanding of your body. They will be able to target important muscles and help you get back in the saddle in a way that is comfortable for you. They can also focus specifically on helping your regain balance and stability in order to reduce your risk of falling.

Most seniors have some spinal arthritis even if they aren’t aware of the symptoms. Years of walking upright, running, and sitting build up to create an unpleasant situation. Even if you aren’t experiencing symptoms, you very well may in the near future. Physical therapy can help you avoid crippling back pain and allow you to live without assistance for as long as possible. For seniors, physical therapy can be the key to independence.

Help with common diseases
As you age, diseases that may have been brewing in your body and mind for years start to rear their ugly heads. Your body has worked hard for many years, but it eventually starts to become tired. While physical therapy can’t cure horrible diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and cancer, it can help you live with the symptoms and make your days more pleasant and comfortable. Physical therapy can help you recover from a stroke or gain control over problems like incontinence. If you feel hopeless in the face of a major health change, a physical therapist can be an incredible resource in ways you may not even be aware of.

Life Fitness Physical Therapy
If inactivity in the workplace has left you dealing with back, shoulder, or neck pain, Life Fitness can help. We’ll advise you on safe workplace practices and help strengthen your problem areas to relieve pain.

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