Monthly Archives: May 2014

The Benefits of Injury Screening and Evaluations

Do you suspect you have injured yourself? It’s time to have an injury screening and evaluations performed by a professional physical therapists in Towson. By enrolling yourself in a high quality injury screening and prevention program, you can learn about proper functionality for your body to see not only if you have an injury but […]

How can Rosedale Physical Therapy help me lose weight for Summer Vacation?

Are you trying to lose weight just in time for summer vacation? You can start losing weight by enrolling yourself in Rosedale physical therapy. How can a Rosedale physical therapy program help you lose weight for Summer? It’s simple. Your Rosedale certified physical therapists can motivate you to stick to a regular exercise program. When your […]

Can Physical Therapy in Towson help ease my Back Pain?

Are you having back problems? You may be able to resolve your back pain without undergoing surgery. How can you do it? You can go to physical therapy to relieve your back pains with orthopedic care services, sports medicine, and other physical therapy services right here in Towson MD. People that suffer from back problems […]

Prevent Weight Loss Roadblocks with Physical Therapy

When you’re focusing on weight loss it can seem like a never ending struggle, but you can get into shape if you know how to overcome roadblocks. Going to Physical Therapy Westminster can help you get your life on track by teaching you safe and effective ways to exercise. Often people come to physical therapy […]