Monthly Archives: December 2014

Athletic Injury? Treat It with Physical Therapy

We’ve all had it happen to us: maybe we were running for the ball and there was a twinge in your ankle. Or maybe a teammate tackled you, and when you got up, your arm was sticking out at a funny angle. Once you go through the necessary steps of getting immediate treatment for your […]

Rough Day at the Office? Fix It with Physical Therapy!

As far as your physical health goes, a 9 to 5 job spent sitting at a desk all day is not exactly ideal. Sitting does not promote good circulation, range of motion, or flexibility, and all of these things are essential components to your well-being! Office workers may even find that they suffer from chronic […]

Can Physical Therapy Work for Arthritis Treatment?

When you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, you are left with stiff joints that can be extremely painful to move. As a result, even the most routine everyday activities can be an enormous challenge and can cause high levels of discomfort and fatigue. While medication can help mitigate some of this pain, another way to treat […]