Monthly Archives: June 2014

Study Reports Private Physical Therapy Clinics are Better Value

According to a recent article from PT in Motion News, patients who attend physical therapy at a privately-owned clinic, such as Life Fitness Physical Therapy in Columbia, find themselves paying less for their therapy than those patients at hospital outpatient departments. While the exact reasoning behind the discrepancy is more or less up for debate, […]

On-the-Job Injuries You Can Treat With Physical Therapy

Depending on where you work, there are different degrees of risk associated with your specific job. Some jobs, particularly those in construction, manufacturing, or any others that involve intense physical labor, can put you in danger of injury. Though you may be more susceptible to injury if you have such a job, that does not […]

When Would I Need Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy?

Among the many services that the Life Fitness expert physical therapists provide is cardiopulmonary physical therapy. But what exactly does this type of physical therapy entail? Are you perhaps someone who could benefit from cardiopulmonary physical therapy? With many kinds of physical therapy, the therapy targets a specific muscle group or joint in order to […]

Common Sports Injuries that can be helped by Physical Therapy?

Sports put your body through its paces, and then some. While we all assume that those who participate in contact sports, such as football, will have their fair share of bumps and bruises at some point, it’s important to note that all athletes run the risk of injuring themselves. Sports medicine physical therapy can be […]

Types of workouts that help Lower Blood Pressure?

Do you find it difficult to keep your blood pressure under control? High blood pressure is a silent killer, but there are ways to lower blood pressure to a good level and maintain it. The American Heart Association defines high blood pressure as 140- 170 Hg systolic over a 90-109 diastolic. If you want to […]