Monthly Archives: September 2014

Intro to Physical Therapy: Your First Session

People seek physical therapy for many reasons, from treatment for an injury to weight loss to treating other health issues. No matter why you need physical therapy, however, it is natural to wonder what exactly to expect on the day of your first physical therapy session. There is no need to be nervous or anxious […]

Physical Therapy: The Right Fit for Office Workers?

Many people associate on-the-job injuries with labor-intensive jobs, such as factory workers, construction zone workers, or even athletes. But in spite of the lowered level of activity, office workers can experience many types of injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, neck strain, and spine issues. So how can office workers seek help for these […]

What Common Injuries are Treated with Physical Therapy?

Contrary to what you may initially think, not all injuries are sustained due to strenuous, risky activity. In fact, you can injure yourself in a number of ways doing day-to-day things. Just because the circumstances of the injury are not exactly remarkable does not mean you can neglect treating it; a serious injury is a […]

Improve Pelvic Health with Physical Therapy

Pelvic health is an important and often overlooked part of any person’s physical well-being. Ignoring it for too long can lead to embarrassing and frustrating problems like urinary incontinence. Fortunately there are ways to help relieve this problem. One of the most effective can be pelvic floor exercises which, when taught by a proper physical […]