Monthly Archives: January 2015

Is Dry Needling for You?

It is easy to confuse trigger point dry needling with acupuncture, but the two serve very different purposes. If you experience muscle spasms or tension, you may be an excellent candidate to try out acupuncture’s lesser known relative. Your chronic musculoskeletal pain could benefit from dry needling. What is dry needling? Dry needling uses a […]

Weight Loss Through a Physical Therapy Routine

The power of a well-planned and well-defined physical therapy routine can have a large number of effects beyond simply healing a major injury. Proper physical therapy can lead to a body that is stronger overall, better mental health, and even noticeable and healthy weight loss. The process is no longer reserved for those with severe […]

Can Physical Therapy Correct Posture?

Posture cannot just be corrected with the snap of your fingers; it takes hard word and dedication. In the long run having good posture can help more than just your health. It could also be the difference between getting a promotion or having life-long back pain. With good posture your body will tire and ache […]

Is My Job High-Risk for an On-the-Job Injury?

Physical injuries can happen at virtually any time, even due to the most everyday, mundane activities. But some people are inherently at more risk than others for injuries simply because of the kind of job they perform. On-the-job injuries can cause severe, long-term consequences, and so if you are involved in a high-risk occupation, it […]

Your New Year’s Resolution: Weight Loss with Physical Therapy!

A new year means time for new resolutions, and the goal at the top of most everyone’s list is getting back into shape. Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy, our priorities are making sure that you are in perfect condition to take on your everyday challenges, whether it be walking to the grocery store or […]