Monthly Archives: February 2015

A Brief History of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a well-established and well-known branch of the medical field and has been long praised for the relief it offers so many people. It has become such a common and integral part of medicine that its history might surprise you. The road to creating a well regulated landscape for physical therapists to work […]

Protect your Body from the Dangers of Desk Jobs

Approximately 86 percent of Americans work in desk jobs. On average, these people spend about 11 hours of their day sitting. Such a widespread practice may seem harmless, but this is far from true. People who spend this much time sitting are at an increased risk for an incredible number of serious health conditions. At […]

Common Sports Injuries and Physical Therapy

As an athlete, your body is your instrument. It is important that your body is in prime condition, free of injury and pain. The problem is, as an athlete, your body takes a beating. Whether you play at a professional level, or for a high school team, you have likely experienced a sports injury. When […]

How Important is my Home Exercise Program?

When you enlist the help of a physical therapist they can help you get a handle on your chronic pain, loss of mobility, or other problem. While visiting a physical therapist is certainly the first major step towards a full recovery that alone will not cure you. You will likely receive a series of exercises […]