Monthly Archives: April 2013

Physical Therapy White Marsh: Relieving Chronic Neck Pain and Headaches

If you suffer from chronic neck pain and headaches? There’s a solution. Life Fitness Physical Therapy’s Orthopedics White Marsh program, can help resolve your neck pain and headaches. Here at Life Fitness Physical Therapy White Marsh, we understand that orthopedic injuries need to be immediately addressed so you can resume your favorite activities. How does […]

Owiings Mills Pelvic Health Program for Postpartum Moms

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! It is time to recover from childbirth at Life Fitness Physical Therapy Owings Mills pelvic health program. It is going to take more than kegels to restore your pelvic floor after childbirth. Pelvic floor dysfunction is normal for postpartum moms. You may notice minor wetting and challenges doing […]

Rosedale Orthopedics For Sprains

Have you recently experienced a sprain? If yes, Life Fitness Physical Therapy Rosedale Orthopedics programs are here to heal that stretched or torn ligament. What commonly causes a sprain? Falling, twisting or a hit can cause a ligament to sprain. The most common sprains are ankle and wrist sprains. You will notice you have a […]