Monthly Archives: April 2015

What is Manual Therapy and how can it Help You?

When applicable, manual therapy provides a hands-on experience that many patients appreciate, and more importantly, benefit from. For orthopedic care, manual therapy is normally a great choice as a treatment option. If you suffer from orthopedic issues you may have heard of manual therapy, but don’t understand what it encompasses or how it can help […]

Physical Therapy for Tendinitis and Bursitis

You may have heard of tendinitis, which can happen after you repeatedly sprain your ankle. Your tendon will swell up and become painful. Bursitis is similar to tendinitis, but it is when a small, fluid-filled sac in between bones and muscles, tendons, or skin becomes swollen. Picture kneeling for a long period of time and […]

Treating COPD with Pulmonary Rehab

For individuals suffering with COPD, pulmonary rehab is a great program for helping to build physical fitness and learning techniques to help function with the disease. COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, makes everyday activities such as walking steps very difficult. With pulmonary rehab, exercise programs and breathing techniques can help a person work through […]

A Guide to Good Posture

One of the many benefits of physical therapy that most people are unaware of is the improvement of posture. We normally think of physical therapy as restoring functionally and improving muscle movements, but we don’t associate improved posture as a benefit of physical therapy. Good posture may not come easily to most people, but there […]

Treating Work Related Injuries with Physical Therapy

When an employee is injured during the course of their normal work duties, that classifies as workman’s compensation, and physical therapy may be needed to help recover from the injury. Although an employee could sustain a variety of injuries in their workplace, the most common type of work related injuries are lower back pain and […]